The Prophecy of Revelation 13 and the Identity of the Catholic Church

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  1. jessie says:

    people are being deceived. 666 is the name of Satan, the pope.

  2. nightflight says:

    That is an awsome prophecy about Satan.  Even Satan want to hide himself, but God shows us the reality of him  through Rev.13 clearly for the choosen people of God.

  3. any says:

    We can see and distinguish the identity of the Roman Catholic Church of through the prophecy of the Bible. I hope that many people come out  of the Roman Catholic Church and run quickly to the World Mission Society Church of God where God dwells.



  4. siasia says:

    the bible testifies about the identity of satan. that is catholic. those who deny this truth they are can not receive salvation.

  5. musco says:

    The Bible testify about God. It also testify about Satan. If we believe in God, we should believe in Bible and believe that there is Satan who try to destroy our soul.
    What the Bible testify about Satan?

  6. saphe says:

    In Rev’s prophecy is God’s will about our salvation, to show the reality of Satan through the world history. So Rev 13 is the prophecy we must know and study. But many churches try to hide it and lots of Christians don’t know it. It is so sad!

  7. lebekah says:

    Jesus said that those who study the prophecies of the Bible know the authority of God n the identity of God. In case of the Eden, God already knew that the serpent tempt Eve n Eve also was tempted by it !! God created even serpent that tempts ppl. God knows everything even the end from the beginning. From now on, we have to pay attention to the word of God with the Bible !! N must not be tempted by Satan !!

  1. October 22, 2015

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