An opportunity to grow into a mature faith in WMSCOG


This is a member’s story of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).

My job, housework, and affairs of my in-laws left me weary in both body and mind, so I was about to attend the Catholic Church. At that time, I met some people from the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Through them, I watched a video showing that the Bible is fact. I was really surprised. Actually, when I saw the precise and mysterious construction of the human body, I used to think that there must be a Creator. That day I confirmed it through the Bible.

I received the truth right away, but it took quite a long time until I started to go to WMSCOG. One day, I had an accident which might have become more serious, but God protected me from serious injury. Only after the accident did I start to attend WMSCOG. Good and kind people, reverent worship, completely Bible-based sermons. . . My first impression of WMSCOG was that it was truly the church that I had imagined.

As I quit my job due to health problems, I started to study the truth carefully. Then I also participated in preaching the gospel, and I wanted to deliver the good news of salvation to my beloved family members including my husband. My husband did not say a word at first, but the day before the Passover he became a member of the heavenly family and we were able to keep our first Passover together. It seemed that he opened his mind as he saw that I had become more bright and obedient to the older members of my family; actually, I once was very sensitive because I felt oppressed as the firstborn daughter and the first daughter-in-law.

One day, I fell down on the stairs and hurt my leg. I had to wear a cast and I was unable to even move for a month. However, it was an opportunity for me to grow into a mature faith. At first, I couldn’t understand why all this was happening to me because I had been attending every worship service and following the mission of preaching the gospel as well. As I complained, I tried to find fault with the members whom I had loved. I wanted to love my brothers and sisters sincerely, but it was not easy; I was very distressed.

When I did not realize that I am a sinner, I listened to a sermon tape, which awakened my spiritual senses and helped me realize my faults. From that time on, I listened to the sermon tapes every day; when I felt hatred towards a member, I listened to the sermons on love, and when I felt angry, I listened to the sermons on character. I made up my mind to cure my spirit while my leg was getting better.

Around the time when my cast was taken off, I felt God’s love in my heart, which I had understood just literally before. I was able to see the efforts of the members who were diligently preaching and taking care of those who were weak in faith, so they could please Mother. Looking back on myself who was critical of them, I feel very ashamed of myself. Now I want to give something to the members, even though it is small, and to pray for those who are having a hard time. All my changes have been possible because God has cultivated my heart beautifully through His words.

Mother is still devoting Herself to Her children. For Mother, I am firmly determined to find my lost brothers and sisters quickly and to change myself to be a worthy child of God through beautiful words and deeds. I also pledge myself to truly love my heavenly family members who are found through Mother’s sacrifice.

I received overflowing grace from Mother, but I have not written a letter of thanks to Her. Now I want to write a letter full of gratitude welling out from deep within my heart—not a letter full of complaints.

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