Author: Evamah


Accompany go somewhere with (someone) as a companion or escort.   Every day is a race. Sometimes, I was fairly exhausted and tired. Although it’s probably hard to be...


Two ways to live life

Look around you. There are some people who spend today with a resentful and furious heart, and there are also some who spend each day giving thanks for everything. When...


Gaze into the Sky

Open your eyes. Look up the skies and see. The western sky was beautifully colored by the setting sun. When was the last time I saw it? I watched the...


Thank you!!

  How many times did you say ‘Thank you’ today? How often do you say thank you? Today I want you take the time to say “Thank you” to people...


Invisible World

While we live our life of faith, we sometimes happen to be biased about our physical life. As long as we are in the body, we cannot deny our physical...



What is the meaning of ‘Happiness’ to you? Power? Fame? Money? The human can never enjoy the right to pursue their happiness forever. That is when you only think about...



The world outside of the window is all white. The snow lies thick on the branches of birch trees, on the red rooftops and on blue cars. The snow that...


Don’t be afraid

of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.  – Chinese proverb.


Like Water

Water! In high places, it empties its heart by becoming clouds; in low places, it humbles itself more and flows downward; in a round bowl, it becomes round; in a...


Living Water

Mother has never stopped loving me even for a split second. Listening to my prayers constantly, Mother has sent the living water of love all the time. It was me...