Elohim God shines the bright light of the truth of the New Covenant

Pictured by whoiswmscog, Elohim God shines the bright light of the New CovenantWhile I was cleaning vegetables in the kitchen, power went out all of a sudden. Wondering what was happening, I looked out the window, but all the other houses looked fine. It seemed something went wrong in my kitchen because I was using too much electricity. Fortunately, the sun was still out and I had a ray of light coming through the window.

Although it wasn’t very bright, with my couple years of confidential experience as a housewife, I cleaned the rest of the vegetables and even finished chopping them. Soon after, the light came back on, and the kitchen became bright again.


I was shocked when I was about to put the vegetables inside the refrigerator.

I was pretty sure that I had cleaned them quite well, but they weren’t really clean.

There were still some spots that had to be cut out, and even a snail was crawling on a lettuce leaf.

I didn’t recognize that they still needed to be cleaned more when I looked at them under a dim light, but they were all exposed under the bright light. I thought about myself before I came into Zion (WMSCOG).

Although I was wandering around in the spiritual darkness where there was no light of the truth, I thought I was walking on the right path. It was only after God shone the bright light of the truth of the New Covenant that I found myself stained with sins and I was able to walk on the right path of faith under the blessing of the forgiveness of sins.

Now I am used to learning and keeping the truth of the Bible in God. But I’m afraid that I might’ve forgotten how precious the truth is. I give thanks to our God Elohim (God the Father and God the Mother) for showing me the truth of the Bible, the hidden secret, and for opening my spiritual eyes wide. I will engrave the value of the New Covenant truth deep in my heart and continue to walk the path of faith with Father Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Mother.

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