Eternal Kingdom of heaven where we were from

Pictured by whoiswmscog, Eternal kingdom of heavenWhile walking, suddenly I heard a beautiful sound of a bird. Following the sound, my eyes fell on a tree. I was surprised to see a beautiful nest of a bird. The female bird looked very excited, flying here and there around the nest. When I took a closer look at it, I found out that the bird was a tailorbird.

According to bird experts, tailorbirds are known to make safe and secure nests. These birds are found mostly in Terai, Nepal. They fly to Kathmandu around May and June and return to Terai around November and December after the season of harvest. Tailorbirds build strong and warm nests by collecting green grasses. The nests keep their young safe from storm, excessive heat, and their enemies.

It was astonishing and impressive that tailorbirds raise their young in Kathmandu and return to Terai together in the due time. As soon as I imagined the scene, I could feel the birds’ maternal love, which reminded me of our spiritual journey.

Heavenly Mother came to this earth, and has raised us with love to lead us to our glorious heavenly home. I give thanks to Father Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Mother for allowing me to realize Their great and eternal love through the creatures of the world. I look forward to the day to return to the eternal kingdom of heaven with my brothers and sisters in Zion (WMSCOG).

Behadur from Nepal

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