Get rid of withered leaves in my soul (WMSCOG) – Christ Ahnsahnghong & God the Mother

Good leaves and withered leaves in my heart_wmscog_God the Mother

I like to raise plants. Several months ago, I bought a new plant and put it in a sunny corner of my living room and watered it regularly.

However, the lush leaves came to wither. I gave it nutritional supplements and tried to adjust the amount of water from more to less, but the leaves withered more and more. I left them the way they were for weeks with the hope that something might happen, but the situation grew worse. I took out all the withered leaves without leaving a single one. I felt pity for it, looking at its scrawniness, but I had no choice. Some time passed by. Then surprisingly enough, new leaves sprouted in the place where I took out the withered ones. Now it is more thick and lush.

There are good leaves and withered leaves in my heart, too. In the past, I foolishly hoped that my soul would go well while still having bad leaves. I want to be the tree of God the Father and God the Mother, which will grow healthily by getting rid of bad leaves resolutely. Thanks to Father Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Mother for giving me this enlightenment.

MH Kim from Korea

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