Give Life to the Whole World Through Writings That Contain God the Mother’s Love.


This news is about the 11th Melchizedek Literary Awards Ceremony of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Let me deliver it for you.

Writing is humanity’s greatest invention or even called “divine invention.” Human beings have been trying to express their thoughts and emotions in writing—from hieroglyphics carved in stones and bones in ancient times to Internet language in this digital age. Writing has great power; through writing, people convey their minds, which cannot be expressed in speech, and pass on their knowledge to future generations. It is even more so when it comes to wakening souls and giving life to them.

On December 12, “The 11th Melchizedek Literary Awards Ceremony” was held at the WMC Head Office building. This event was attended by the literary award winners and finalists as well as the literary society and the editorial staff from all parts of the country, who had been dedicating the writings of life to Elohim. They all reminded themselves of their mission as the literary prophets.

Mother encouraged the literary writers of Zion who had been displaying God’s glory all over the world through writing, saying, “Give thanks to Father for giving you the precious mission of planting faith, courage and determination for the gospel in the minds of many people through your invisible efforts. And put all your heart, soul and mind into the mission given to you.” Additionally, Mother instructed them, “You can produce beautiful and impressive writings when you have the mind of God, just as the writings which the Old and New Testament prophets wrote when they were moved by the Holy Spirit have been deeply touching people around the world until today, who have different cultures, thoughts and languages,” and She asked them to produce touching writings that can make the whole world united as one. General Pastor Joo-cheol Kim showed respect for the power of writing that warms people’s hearts, and urged them, saying, “Please write your touching feelings in your heart freely and share it with many souls, so that they will be led to the beautiful world, the world of Mother.”

After the commemoration worship service, they watched a video titled “The Spirit of the Gospel Writers Who Follow the Example of Christ.” The video contained the acts of the writers of the Bible, who had proclaimed the Savior through writings from various viewpoints with different lives in different ages, and also the sacrifice of Father who had left the Truth Books behind, which reveal Heavenly Mother (God the Mother). It reminded them that it is the spirit of the gospel writers in this age to cherish the love which God has shown them and to display the glory of Mother to all nations through writings.

After that, they watched a fairy tale titled “Whitee’s Special Outing”—one of the award-winning works in the category of fairy tales, which was made into a flash video. The fairy tale, which reflects the different types of faith by adding imagination to ordinary things, gave them realization and laughter as well. Finally, the awards ceremony began. At this Literary Awards, there were a total of 24 winners among the entries received in nine categories of short story, fairy tale, essay, poetry, scenario, editorial, news article, translation and fairy tale in four languages—Korean, English, Chinese and Spanish—from June 1 to July 5. Mother presented each winner with an award certificate and prize. Then She wished all Her children to enjoy the pleasure of winning awards in the kingdom of heaven, and bestowed the blessing of the Holy Spirit upon them so that they would produce the writings of love, being united with one another, to move and revive the whole world. The winners expressed their strong aspiration by saying, “A prophet is the person who knows and realizes earlier than others. God has made us the writing prophets.

We believe that it is God’s will for us, who have realized Elohim earlier, to express and deliver the love and truth of Elohim in writing. As literary prophets, we will save lives through writings that contain Mother’s genuine love as well as brotherly love, rather than splendid technical writings.”

Before and after the awards ceremony, there was the “Our Mother” exhibition on the theme of a mother’s love. The works of essay, poetry and illustration, which described a mother’s ardent love and sublime sacrifice that her immature children realized belatedly, touched the hearts of the viewers and reminded them of Heavenly Mother(God the Mother).

In front of the exhibition hall, a special section was provided. Each participant received a piece of paper with the following sentence written on it: “Mother is (          ) to me.” They filled in the blank space, added the reason and then plastered it on the message board. After filling it in sincerely, the literary writers carefully read the messages of others, and they were moved to tears, saying, “It is too difficult to express Mother’s love. How is it that they describe it so precisely? The writings that express Mother’s love, which is too deep, high and wide to measure, are truly amazing and wonderful.”

“Mother” is the most beautiful word in the world. So, the writing that contains Mother’s love must be the most beautiful writing. Heavenly Mother (God the Mother) embraces all humankind beyond nationality and ideology. The writings of the gospel writers in this age will lead the whole world to eternal life, conveying the love of Heavenly Mother (God the Mother) and beautiful emotions to people.

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