Give Me The Words So That I Will Fearlessly Make Known God the Mother and God Ahnsahnghong (WMSCOG)

Give Me The Words Make Known God the Mother and God Ahnsahnghong (WMSCOG) whois

I want to give all glory to Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for all Their blessings They have given me.

I tried my best at my work, taking care of my children and doing housework, but as I became weaker, I decided to take a break from work until my children grew up some more. Spending more time with my children, I began to meet my neighbors and the parents of my children’s friends, whom I didn’t know when I had a job. Among them, I became very close to the mom of one of my older kid’s classmates, and I was introduced to the truth through her.
I had been to church just a couple of times when I was a child, and I wasn’t really interested in religion. However, when I heard about God the Mother, the Sabbath day, the Passover and the cross, I thought, ‘The Church of God truly follows the Bible. If I decide to go to church some day, I must go to the Church of God.’
I was going to postpone going to church until later, but God blessed me to receive the promise of salvation earlier. Since then, the Bible, which I had regarded as a book of good teachings, looked different. The precise prophecies about this age in the Bible were so amazing. At the thought that God had saved me even though I hadn’t really sought God, I felt happy and excited while washing the dishes and cleaning the house. I shared this joy with one of my neighbors.
However, my youngest sister and her husband who are Catholics were not happy about me going to the Church of God. As for my husband, he didn’t side with them probably because he heard the truth a lot of times from me. I was thankful enough for that.
Before the Passover, I found out that a sister in Zion, who knew how much I wanted to lead my husband to the truth, was eagerly praying for my family. I also began to pray to God more earnestly. God answered my prayers and my husband was blessed with a new life and kept the Passover together with me. All I could say to God was that I was so thankful.
Now, I am studying the words hard to boldly preach the gospel to whomever I meet so that they can also receive the blessing that my family has received. So I pray, today, too, “Whenever I open my mouth, give me words so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, thank You so much for Your unending love and grace.

GH Han from Guri, Korea

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