God found me

God found me

Since I was young, I was different than other people. I didn’t have any common interests with them. I didn’t care about money, success and honor which are regarded as important things in life. The world which was different to me was fear to me, so I didn’t go out and play with friends. I gradually became introverted and shy. So I felt I was like an outcast all the time. When I became 13 years old, I decided to find out where I came from, who I am and who God is. Foolishly, I believed that I could find the answers through science. So I immersed myself in study, especially science. Time passed by and I entered an Ivy League university. However, I still couldn’t find the right answer. So I changed my plans and became interested in religion.

There were many missionaries from many religions in the university at that time. I listened carefully to their gospel, but, there was no one who inspired me. I thought that God who made this world must be logical and scientific because the phenomena of this world are logical and scientific. However, all those missionaries from all those religions emphasized only belief; they insisted, ‘if you believe you can understand’ I replied to them, ‘this world made by God tells us God is logical and scientific.’ Then they refused to listen to me, they said ‘belief in God is one thing and science is another.’ For a long time I tried to find out who God is and who I am, but I couldn’t find the answer. So I gave up trying to find God and decided to go for success in this world. In order to succeed, I entered graduate school in university.

My life in graduate school was not a happy life. I reached a compromise with the world and fell into evil ways. One day, a junior in graduate school entered the same lab with me. She seemed odd and indifferent to the world, because she refused to attend lab seminars on Saturday for church. I thought she was not fit for graduate school at that time. When she approached her graduation, she asked me to listen to a presentation about the truth of church. I thought she might be the same as other missionaries. She said to me, ‘Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ. Since you know the bible, you can believe.’ When I heard her opinion completely different from other missionaries, I felt my heart beat with curiosity. She showed me the Bible is Fact. While I listened to her presentation, I shouted with joy in my mind. I thought, ‘the church which she attends is different; the church might have the right answers about God.’ The word of God is sweeter than honey to me. After that I learned about the truth of the Bible, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for 2~3 hours every day until her graduation. Before her graduation, I received baptism and kept the Passover in 2009.

When I gave up trying to find the answer, God the Father and God the Mother have found me in WMSCOG. If I had found God by myself, I might have become arrogant. I give my thanks to God because God didn’t give up on me, even though I had given up. For the grace of God, I can be an Elohist who serves Elohim God.

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