God the Mother is waiting for us to overcome

God the Mother is waiting for us to overcome - whoiswmscog (Christ Ahnsahnghong)


My eternal thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for giving me insight into Their love and guiding me to the kingdom of heaven.

One day I spoke to Sister Leeanne, and I was surprised that her daughter Angelina who was less than two months old was able to stand up on her feet. Sister Leeanne, holding Angelina in her arms, showed me Angelina’s legs and arms and explained gently: “Her legs are strong, but we need to work more on training her arms because she can hardly lift them up.” At that moment, the sister’s eyes were only looking at Angelina with gentleness and concern, and I felt that she forgot about our conversation and was only thinking about training her arms. Heavenly Mother’s heart is the same. When we are weak in some points, She never blames us but only worries about us. She earnestly wants us to be strong in all aspects and wants to put on us the full armor of God for our own good. Heavenly Mother is eagerly waiting for the 144,000, who are not perfect, to overcome and receive eternal glory as a blameless army of heaven.
In Her sufferings, She raises and trains us everyday through various kinds of situations so that we may have faith, trust in God, practice love and unity, and learn the way of sacrifice. She also teaches us the spirit of faith to overcome all trials. In the middle of receiving our training, sometimes we feel tired, thirsty and find it hard to endure, but when we look at everything with spiritual eyes, there are so many things to give thanks for and smile about as long as we firmly believe the love of Father and Mother hidden behind all things.  Truly our Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother lead all Their children in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) to the kingdom of heaven.

Cindy from Melbournce, Australia

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23 Responses

  1. nickydavin says:

    Times of trial and refinement change us more beautiful than pure gold and completely. Even in difficult and painful moments, I will try my best to become a child who looks at God’s blessings and puts a smile on Heavenly Mother, who always watches over and cares for us.

  2. BLACKROSE says:

    We always think of how much our Father and Mother care and love us. I am infinitely grateful to Father and Mother for guiding us on the right path spiritually and who spares no effort and effort even for a moment.

  3. Pp says:

    We thank God Elohim, who came in the flesh to save his children.

  4. Yerim says:

    When we depend on our Heavenly Mother, we can overcome all the trials, hardship and suffering. I believe that our Heavenly Mother is always with us and protects us from all the dangerous things. I give thanks and glory to Heavenly Mother!

  5. Eun a says:

    I am forever happy to be with Heavenly Mother.

  6. margo says:

    When a baby can surely walk, it is not just one time trial to walk. Countless times fails and it did. How could the baby do that? Cause it’s mom’s endurance. Even it failed and failed again, she didn’t give up it’s trial and give a cheer to her baby. The baby’s courage from mom’s cheering.

  7. mr says:

    I can stand and overcome in any difficulties, with Heavenly Mother.

  8. Sara says:


    Mother truly loves us and waits us. Throughout the world her love is the greates!

    I feel so thankful to our heavenly mother !

  9. Rin says:

    Heavenly Mother helps us to overcome all troubles, sufferings, pain, sorrow etc. So we can endure and go back to the Kingdom of  Heaven.

  10. gfm says:

    our present sufferings is uncomparing with our glory. while looking forward the glory to come. so let’s overcome all sufferings.

  11. jessica says:

    Heavenly Mother is waiting for me even though I fall in the world. Thanks to Mother I wanna be Her good daughter.

  12. lebekah says:

    Mother is focus on only her children even at work in house. It’s the same to our heavenly Mother. No,she concern more even in everywhere. She worries abt what we do n where go. She takes care of our soul not to be hurt from this earth.
    Thank you Heavenly Mother

  13. love says:

    Our Heavenly Mother grow us who lost God’s love in the heaven in this earth and  teaches how to love, why we need it. Our spiritual parents only want to teach us love and give the eternal life to us, in order to take to the hometown, the kingdom of heaven. We may not know the wondrous love, but Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother inform the truth through the Bible. If you want to know the love of  Elohim God, you must read the Bible clearly.

    There are all answers and all truth  in the Bible.

  14. Soen042 says:

    We are fine! There is Mother to us, and she always helps us. Just try it with faith, then you will be blessed. That is what God the Mother wants.

  15. margo says:

    Mother is your strength and energy for life.
    For eternal life, heavenly mother gives you strength and energy. So do not give up your life. You are blessed.

  16. 제인 says:

    Concentration and endless love of Heavenly Mother is to Her children.
    Receive Heavenly Mother as your spiritual Mother. Then you will get Her all concentration and endless love. God bless you!

  17. Liz says:

    Through the post, God the Mother makes me encourage to overcome all trials or difficult situtions I face while living in this world. Thanks to God the Mother for leading me the righteous way^^

  18. Thanks to Heavenly Mother for allowing us the opportunity to dwell in Her unconditional love. We sinners don’t deserve anything.

  19. Stella says:

    Mother always holding me so that i didn’t give up for kingdom of heaven. I’ll give eternal Thanks and Glory to God the Father and God the Mother.

  20. Turam says:

    Thanks to God the Mother to love me to realize Your great and everlasting love, even on this spiritual city of refuge! Still, I’m not good at following Your examples. However, I hope to return to heavenly home with You. I always need Your love!

  21. Stacy says:

    We can feel the love and sacrifice of Heavenly Mother who came to this earth, in the flesh and walked the thorny path until now. Heavenly Mother taking our hand and leading all of us to the kingdom of heaven.

  22. Elly says:

    Thank You Heavenly Mother for giving life to us and for always helping us overcome in every difficulties. We love You forever!
    I will try to be your smile. Please be with us in all moments!

  23. remingtonwhite says:

    Heavenly Mother has come to save and protect our souls with the great sacrifice and endless love, leaving the glorious and splendid heavenly kingdom into this sinful world.

    Heavenly Mother, I give eternal thanks to You for Your kind words of encouragement and putting heart into me every minute of every day 🙂  We Love U~


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