God the Mother is waiting for us to overcome

God the Mother is waiting for us to overcome - whoiswmscog (Christ Ahnsahnghong)


My eternal thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for giving me insight into Their love and guiding me to the kingdom of heaven.

One day I spoke to Sister Leeanne, and I was surprised that her daughter Angelina who was less than two months old was able to stand up on her feet. Sister Leeanne, holding Angelina in her arms, showed me Angelina’s legs and arms and explained gently: “Her legs are strong, but we need to work more on training her arms because she can hardly lift them up.” At that moment, the sister’s eyes were only looking at Angelina with gentleness and concern, and I felt that she forgot about our conversation and was only thinking about training her arms. Heavenly Mother’s heart is the same. When we are weak in some points, She never blames us but only worries about us. She earnestly wants us to be strong in all aspects and wants to put on us the full armor of God for our own good. Heavenly Mother is eagerly waiting for the 144,000, who are not perfect, to overcome and receive eternal glory as a blameless army of heaven.
In Her sufferings, She raises and trains us everyday through various kinds of situations so that we may have faith, trust in God, practice love and unity, and learn the way of sacrifice. She also teaches us the spirit of faith to overcome all trials. In the middle of receiving our training, sometimes we feel tired, thirsty and find it hard to endure, but when we look at everything with spiritual eyes, there are so many things to give thanks for and smile about as long as we firmly believe the love of Father and Mother hidden behind all things.  Truly our Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother lead all Their children in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) to the kingdom of heaven.

Cindy from Melbournce, Australia

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