God the Mother’s love to my younger spiritual brothers and sisters

God the Mother's love to my younger spirutual brothers and sisters - whoiswmscog Ahnsahnghong


Thank You Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for allowing me to give thanks to You through this fragrance of Zion.

I am the youngest of three sisters. Now I am in my mid-20’s, but my parents still call me “baby.” And just for the reason that I’m the youngest daughter, I get all the love from my parents.

It’s always been like that. When we were scolded by our parents, if my older sisters said something to them, they would rebuke them even more, saying that they were talking back to them, but if I raised my voice, they would try to soothe me and make me understand instead. They said that I looked very cute because I sounded like a baby who had just begun to coo and gurgle. Sometimes when my sisters did something wrong, they told my mom and dad that I did it and were able to avoid punishment.

My parents are still very generous to me. So, my sisters have always complained to them about that. One day, one of my older sisters asked my mom about me:
“Mom, how come you only care about her? You do whatever she wants.”
“…Well, she was the last one to be born in our family, and she has spent less time with me. So I need to give her more love.”

When I heard her say that, I quickly ran to the bathroom because I felt like crying. I finally understood the deep heart of my parents – why they gave their love lavishly to me, their youngest daughter.

Now our younger spiritual brothers and sisters are streaming to Zion from all around the world. Before, when I saw them receiving much love from Heavenly Mother, I sometimes felt jealous and thought, ‘Shouldn’t Mother give more love to Her children who have been in Zion longer like me?’ Now, however, I understand the heart of Mother who must be so anxious and eager to love Her children as much as possible while on this earth. I also want to convey Mother’s love to my younger spiritual brothers and sisters as much as I can. There are no words to describe the endless love that God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother pour upon me. Thank You.

SH Yang from Incheon, Korea

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