I once hated religion but now I go to the Church of God.

Start preaching in WMSCOG

When I was young, there was a serious religious problem in my family. Ever since then, my family doesn’t like church and even went as far as to hate it. Even after a long time had passed, since I still had memories, I strongly rejected my aunt’s suggestion when she asked me to come to her church.

As I really hated religion before, it is really amazing that I am now one of the members of the World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG). According to the providence of God, that was predestined before the creation of the world, my mind that was once closed started to open one by one. After I was married, I went through hardships and sufferings living in the world and realized things don’t always go according to my will in this world so I started to look for a church to go to as I wanted to rely on God. Looking for a church to go to, I decided to go to the church where a friend living around me was going to. Foolishly, in the church, I prayed to God, asking for worldly blessings since I was in financial difficulties. That was actually the goal of my faith and I thought other people also believed in God with the same goal.

While attending the church, I also recommended my friend living near me to come with me but he declined because he already went to another church which was the Church of God. At first, I was favorable to it because the name of the church sounded nice. But, not long time after that, I also started to see the Church of God negatively as people around me slandered the church keeping the Saturday service instead of the Sunday service. However, the friend whom I knew from a long time ago always behaved well and was prudent. So he was one of the people I liked and the people from The Church of God around him really looked nice as well.  There didn’t seem anything wrong in the church. But, I had a preconceived notion I thought I should save his soul from the church. So I went to the church with great determination to save him. On the day I went, I was really surprised hearing about the truth of the new covenant because the message was completely different from what I had heard in the other churches. Immediately I went to a bookstore and bought a dictionary and the bible and I reviewed what I studied there. The more I looked at it, the more I realized that it is true. I realized that many of the churches in the world don’t even keep the basic regulations, like the Sabbath of God.

So, I immediately decided to become a child of God without hesitation. While studying the Bible, I also realized that we have to believe in God not to gain material blessings, but to be saved. As I was amazed at every word of God, I started to preach to people around me. But, No one listened to the words of God except one person and this made me disappointed because I thought the result would be different. Now I think the reason I ended up with my results is that I was lacking wisdom and sincere efforts in preaching the words of God. So, now I try to preach the words of God after asking God for love and wisdom. Through the process of bearing fruit, God let me realize how joyful it is to give love and that it is God who allows us to bear fruit according to the state of our hearts. I am determined to be a child worthy of God’s will, who carries out the mission of the gospel, cherishing love deep in my heart. I give sincere thanks to Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for leading this wandering soul to Zion with great love.

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6 Responses

  1. moonnight says:

    I know all too well that it was the grace of Father and Mother that led my soul to the path of salvation. I am grateful to Father and Mother for guaranteeing us eternal heaven, even though our physical life is a little difficult.

  2. Turam says:

    Now, I’m so happy to be a member of the WMSCOG. I’m sure that I’m following the truth of eternal salvation!

  3. Elohist says:

    I too once went to church for the wrong reason… for physical materials…
    I feel so burdened when the church members always compare with each other who receive more “blessings” – who is richer, who has better things…
    However now, the only reason I believe in God is to go back heaven with my loving Father and Mother ^^
    I feel so blessed & enlightened that now I am freed from all these unnecessary envy and jealousy

  4. alsk79 says:

    You have met the truth of salvation and true God. I hope and pray you feel Elohim God’s love and grace and go to heaven. God bless you

  5. sherlock says:

    When I was a elementary school student one of my friends wanted to attend her church with me and pestered me too much every Sunday morning for getting a stationary stuff as a reward for preaching a friend. I felt like being sold for just a pencil case and so disappointed at church. I decided not to go to any church. Now, however, I go to the Church of God that teaches joyfulness and thankfulness of saving one soul.

    • whoiswmscog says:

      Many churches in the world does not teach their member the truth in the Bible. I too had attended a Presbyterian Church for several years when I was young. At that time, I never had been taught about the Passover or Sabbath day in the Bible. Thanks to Father and Mother for leading me to the Church of God.

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