I want to help God the Mother in Her work

I want to help God the Mother in Her work - whoiswmscog (Christ Ahnsahnghon wmscog)


I want to give thanks and glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for allowing me to help out with the gospel work and for the realization to write this fragrance.

When I was younger, I often went to the market with my mom by bus. In the noisy crowd, my mom held my hand tightly with one hand and carried her heavy shopping bag with the other. Since everything looked amazing and exciting, I often made my mom stop so I could see things that interested me. Looking at things to buy and taking care of me, my mom’s day at the market was always tiring. But even after finishing her shopping, she was unable to rest because she had to carry her heavy bag full of items all by herself.
As soon as we arrived home, all my family members including me gathered together and took the things out of my mom’s shopping bag; it was full of colorful socks and dresses. We looked at ourselves in the mirror while holding up clothes and trying on our new socks. Only after looking at us being so excited did my mom lie down on the cold floor to give her tired body some rest to recover from motion sickness.
Although she did so much work shopping all day, there was actually nothing she brought for herself. She always wore her old sewed up socks, and her face was so dry and rough from the hard farm work. But she did not buy any new socks or good cosmetics. She did so much for us, not taking care of herself. Even now, however, she still feels sorry to us for not buying us more delicious food and prettier dresses.
When I think about my mom’s shopping bag which was full of stuff for my family members and nothing for herself, I am reminded of our Heavenly Mother. The life of our Heavenly Mother is also full of things for Her children. She sacrifices Herself endlessly for Her children, but She always thinks that Her love is not enough. I feel so sorry to Mother that I cannot lift up my head before Her.
Now I will no longer take the sacrifice of Heavenly Mother for granted. Walking with Mother who is carrying the heavy burdens of Her children’s sins, I will help Mother in Her work until the glory of our God the Mother and Father Christ Ahnsahnghong fills the whole earth.

J-H Kim from Namwon, Korea


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17 Responses

  1. bluenight says:

    I am infinitely grateful to Heavenly Mother, who constantly cares about the well-being of our souls in an unseen place. She will now be a child who can advance her mother’s years of hardship.

  2. EunA says:

    Before I met Heavenly Mother, I was living a difficult life day by day, searching for joy and happiness in this world of only sorrow and pain. But after meeting the heavenly Jerusalem Mother, who is the secret of the Bible, I am so happy and grateful and living a happy life without any worries. Thank you for calling me as the child of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

  3. margo says:

    My mom’s generation was very poor and hungry. For keeping their home, they had to work a lot without rest. All sacrifice only for their family. They just thought it was rightful. When my generation grew up and thought it was not rightful but sacrifice. But we don’t have time to care them a lot. Cause we also focus on our children and our family. Always feel sorry to care a lot like they did for us.

  4. Shiny says:

    What can campare to Mother’s great love and sacrifice in this world~! Even though this great mothers love is only a shadow of what Heavenly Mother is like. How can I fathom about boundless love of Heavenly Mother ~! Thanks and eternal glory to Father Anhsahnghong and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother.

  5. Stacy says:

    Our Heavenly Mother’s love is everlasting.  I will preach the love and consideration which Mother taught us, to people who are still in darkness.

  6. Jamie says:

    Mothers’ life is so devoted only for their children. I cannot imagine how great and boundless our heavenly mother’s love and sacrifice is since earthly mothers are supposed to be created to represent heavenly mother. I should do something for heavenly mother to be more pleased.

  7. jessica says:

    I will preach the gospel to help Heavenly Mother.

  8. gudamy says:

    I often feel Heavenly Mother’s love through my physical Mother.

    All Mothers in the world always take care of children and give all things what they want by the sacrifice of themselves.

    so I think Mother’s love is the grestest in the world.


  9. Irenetheron says:

    Heavenly Mother  still sacrifices herself  so much for us for no reason at all other than we are truly Her children. Thanks and glory be to Heavenly Mother. I will follow U wherever U go.

  10. Ivy says:

    The mind of my mother who worries about her children day and night was that of Heavenly Mother who is always concerned about numerous heavenly children scattered throughout the world with deep, deep love. I will make effort to have that mind too.

  11. remingtonwhite says:

    Our heavenly Mother would feel an inconceivable pain because of our sins again today.  Now I want to be a good daughter to help Her beside Heavenly Mother. I love U, Mother.

  12. lebekah says:

    The sacrifice of Christ Ahnsahnghong n God the Mother could not be expressed with our poor lips. They always sacrifice for our salvation

  13. margo says:

    How can we realize mother’s sacrifice!!

    How  can we  describe mother’s sacrifice!!

    Even though we become parents, how much can we compare mother’s sacrifice with us

    We just say thank you for your love and sacrifice ,but not much try to repay to them.

    That’s children

  14. Space says:

    We have to be raised with God ‘s love. We who lost God the Father and God the Mother’s love must know the sactifice through the Bible. If we recognize Christ Ahnsahnghong and Hevenly Mother, we can go back to the heaven. Our hometown is the most beautiful and happiest, we can’t express with human’s words.
    Let’s know about our real hometown through Bible clearly.

  15. 제인 says:

    Our spiritual parents, God the father and God the mother always sacrifice for us. Thanks to God the father and God the mother we are forgiven our sins. Thanks and glory to Elohim god!

  16. Liz heaven says:

    I watched a video about mother’s life.   while watching this video, I realize   how much sacrifice mothers live for their children,   and  I felt the great love and sacrifice of Heavenly Mother. I give thanks to Heavenly Mother to be with me and guide me the kingdom of heaven.

  17. Every single moment of life mothers only want their children to be happy. Their whole life focuses on their children. How much more would our Heavenly Mother be living for Her children? We musn’t consider this like a soft-pedal.

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