I will become a comfort to God the Mother as Her good daughter

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In my childhood days, my mother used to ask me to pluck out her gray hair. Since she said that she would pay me for doing that, I took a close look at her hair to find a single strand of gray hair which was hardly noticeable, and whenever I plucked it out, I put it on a black sheet of paper. The more gray hair I pulled out, the more allowance I was given. Additionally, I received a compliment from my mother saying, “You’re a good daughter!”

Now that time has passed, my mother’s gray hair is easily seen even though I do not try to find it.

“I have a lot of gray hair, don’t I?”

“No, you don’t. Wait a minute.”

When my mother said that she would dye her hair later, I let her lay her head on my lap and started to pluck out gray stands of her hair, placing them on the white paper. After a while, I threw a handful of gray hair into the wastebasket so that she would not see it, and showed her only a few strands left on the white paper.

Before, I did not know what my mother’s gray hair meant. Each and every stand of her hair was a trace of her anxiety for me and of her sacrifice for me.

I was such an immature daughter who only thought of receiving allowance from my mother, counting the number of her gray hairs. Nevertheless, she used to compliment me, saying, “You’re a good daughter!” Whenever I think of my mother, I am reminded of Heavenly Mother. Though She is walking the thorny path for Her children, She always compliments them even though they are lacking in many ways. Even at this moment, Mother suffers an intolerable pain, but She always smiles at us, hiding Her suffering inside. From now on, I will become a comfort to Mother as Her good daughter.

HM Kim from USA

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