I’m very happy from the moment I open my eyes till I fall asleep.

I am so Happy in WMSCOG

When we have attended the WMSCOG, we can feel true happiness. Here is a beautiful story about that. Let me deliver it to you.

I enlisted in the Marine Corps, hoping that I would experience a new world after being discharged from the service. The day I finished my military service, my heart fluttered in anticipation. I got on the bus to my home, and it brought back my old memories: my poor and gloomy school days, the like someone else’s affair. I was confident that I would make a bright future unlike the past if I did my best in everything.

However, everything that I planned went wrong, and my parents and I grew further and further apart. I fled from my hometown and settled in another city, an unfamiliar place to me, but my situation didn’t improve. I used to stay at my place alone, having no desire to do anything. Sometimes, I thoughtlessly went out to the street as I longed for warm human affection, but I found myself standing all alone in a cold and dark world. Several times a day, I felt the impulse to let go of everything.

It was my best friend who helped me out when I was hanging by a thread. Although we couldn’t see each other because he was studying in Africa, he listened to my complaint over the phone. One day he asked me to go to church. I snorted at his suggestion.

“If God exists, how come I have lived so hard?”

If God really exist, I wanted to confront Him about why He made me live this kind of life. When I sank deeper and deeper into the pit of despair and struggled desperately, I thought of church that I hated so much. I went to the church which my friend asked me to go to. The people there welcomed me warmly with beautiful smiles. I felt as if I was in another world.

“There are people who live such a bright life!”

Through those people, I learned the truth which contains all the secrets of human life, and realized Heavenly Mother who left all the glory of heaven and came to this earth to teach us the truth. Before long, I saw Heavenly Mother for the first time when I attended a Church event. I shed tears ceaselessly. The tears took away the sorrow of my past, and I felt a happy emotion for the first time in my life. I ran to my hometown to deliver the happiness that I felt. As it was just before the Passover, I preached the Passover to my parents and my siblings. Then my mother, who was listening to me, was startled. She said that she once kept the Passover, following her neighbor, when I was a child.

My mother celebrated the Passover which she had long forgotten, along with me. My three siblings were also reborn as children of God. As Zion is far away from my home, it takes a long time to get to Zion. Despite that, my mother and siblings continuously attend worship services and receive much blessing from God. My father has not yet received the truth, but he is delighted to see that I have become an energetic and bright person, and he gradually opens his mind. The darkness which fell on my family has been lifted off us and has fled away.

These days, I’m very happy from the moment I open my eyes till I fall asleep. Now it is my turn to deliver the happiness to others. I hope that all those who have lost direction in life and are wandering aimlessly in this world will understand the truth and be happy.

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