In the Name of Mother

In the Name of Mother...

In the Name of Mother.

This is a touching story of the member of the World Mission Society Church of God [WMSCOG]. Let me deliver it for you. The story is as follows;

My family was happy, finding joy even in the small things, although we did not live in abundance. Then a misfortune befell us all of a sudden. Around that time when I was in the third grade of junior high school, my younger brother who had been suffering a long drawn-out illness was diagnosed with a brain tumor; he was unable to move on his own, nor could he recognize us. What was worse, my father passed away while my mother was traveling back and forth to take care of my brother who was getting medical treatment for his disease.

My father’s sudden death, my sick brother and my mother who was only preoccupied with my brother… I could hardly accept such a terrible reality as I was very sensitive in my adolescence. I hated my younger brother who got all of my mother’s affection just because he was ill, and I felt bitter and disappointed with my mother who gave all her attention to my brother. When I sometimes went to see them in the hospital, I saw my mother appeasing her hunger with cold rice and only one side dish. I also hated seeing that. Every day, my diary was full of stories saying that I was sad and unhappy. Actually, however, my mother never neglected taking care of me. Because of financial difficulties due to my brother’s long medical treatment and my father’s absence, she had to work to make a living; she even nursed other patients in the same ward for my allowance and school expenses. I was so indiscreet that I liked to make myself stylish and only thought of myself. While my mother was having such a hard time alone, I used to hang out with my friends to enjoy myself, and kept complaining to her that I could not buy what I wanted, while my other friends could.

Since I have now become the mother of a child, I am reminded that my mother was not just a woman, but an iron person. If my child has a fever and coughs just a little bit, my heart aches and I do not know what to do. Then how could my mother endure such a sorrowful reality that her healthy son became a human vegetable all of sudden? And how sad must she have felt when her husband, who she had relied on, passed away? Besides that, she had to support her daughter to go to university. How much sorrow and hardship she must have gone through! When I gave birth to a child, I was able to fathom even a little bit of the bitter grief of my mother who buried my brother in her heart when he suddenly left this world.

I remember that my mother always bathed my brother while he was lying still with his eyes blank, fed him every kind of nourishing food through a gastric tube inserted through his nose, and took care of him all through the night when he had a slight fever. Holding my brother who could not speak nor meet her eyes in her arms, she kissed him so many times, saying, “My son is so handsome.” Though she did not know when her son would recover his consciousness, she felt happy with the mere fact that her son was beside her. I think this is truly a mother’s love. Now I can understand even a little bit of what people mean when they say, “A woman is weak, but a mother is strong.”

I am so sorry towards my mother; she lived such a devotional and sacrificial life only for her children, putting aside her own life, but I did not understand her long-lasting suffering and often hurt her with harsh words and indiscreet behaviors.

Now, I became the child of Heavenly Mother and I could realize that all the love of my physical mother towards her children is a copy and shadow of the love of Heavenly Mother.

As I feel the way towards my physical mother, I feel the same way towards God the Mother. I did not think of the suffering and sacrifice of Mother, who works day and night without rest to save Her dying children, and made the burden of my sins on Her heavier and heavier. Mother, please forgive this sinner! I earnestly pray that I will never hurt You again.

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16 Responses

  1. EunA says:

    Thank you for the grace that Heavenly Mother gave through Heaven without giving up until the end to save us.

  2. bluenight says:

    I will devote myself to the gospel so that Mother’s sacrifice and love will never be in vain. Thank you for your mother’s savior.

  3. Pp says:

    I love Heavenly Mother forever.

  4. grace lee says:

    I can feel the love of Heavenly Mother thru physical mother. Thank God the Mother for your great love and sacrifice for my salvation.
    What can I do for you, Mother?
    I will follow Mother with humility and faith wherever She leads me.

  5. Joice says:

    I want to go back to heaven without sorrow and suffering.

  6. elena hong says:

    Ah….even can not imagine how mother’s love great! Through physical mother we can learn heavenly Mother’s great love.


  7. Sarah-Kim says:

    This story makes me cry and remind Heavenly Mother’s love. How can i fathom Her love and sacrifice. I just give thanks from the bottom of my heart. Mother, i will follow Your way till the end with my best! I love You so much!

  8. Anna says:

    I give eternal thanks to Heavenly Mother for giving me a great hope to go back to our eternal hometown in heaven.

  9. gfm says:

    Heavenly Mother gives us the love which is the sacrifice for sinner, us.

  10. lala says:

    I realize that God the Mother loves us so much. Heavenly Mother didn’t need to come this earth, but to save us, to give the water of life has come here we live. That is wondrous Mother’s LOVE.

    Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother.

  11. elsa says:

    I can understand the meaning of that ” A woman is weak, but a mother is strong.” a little bit through the sacrifices and love of Mother. Our Heavenly Mother is also strong, because She is our almighty God , our savior, the source of life, so She can forgive our grievous sins and take care of us with endless love.




  12. Serena says:

    Earthly systems are copy and shadow of heavenly systems. In the same way, earthly mothers are copy and shadow of the reality, Heavenly Mother. I cannot fathom Heavenly Mother’s love even a little bit. She always pray for us, fast for us and sacrificed Her whole entire life just for us. I too, want to become a great and strong gospel worker and devote my entire life for Mother ^_^

  13. Elohist says:

    Wow truly no one can fathom the love of mother. So many people – friends, relatives – would have give up on someone who became vegetative. However mother never give up…
    This truly remind me of our Heavenly Mother who never give up on us, no matter how grave was our sins.
    Heavenly Mother never rebuked our childishness rather always give us what is best.
    Truly I want to resemble Mother filled with LOVE.
    Mother, we love You, we miss You!

  14. Soen042 says:

    When we see our physical mother, we can think God the Mother’s sacrifice and love. Thanks and glory to God the Mother!

  15. George says:

    Mother’s love is so amazing.
    The Bible says that God is love and all the creatures are made with the will of God.(1John 5:3 & Rev 4:11)
    The love of physical mother is copy and shadow of Heavenly Mother.(Heb 8:5)
    Heavenly Mother is still calling us to come to have the water of life.
    Come to WMSCOG to have eternal life to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

  16. sherlock says:

    A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking. From Helen Steiner Rice

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