Root of david, Christ Anhsanghong

Lily benson
2021-01-11 14:46
Many people search for David according to Bible prophecy. because the Bible says that only David can interpret the Bible in the last days.

Rev 5:1~5 Then one of the elder said to me, "Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah,
the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the Scroll and its seven seals."

So, the Prophet Hosea also explains that you must find David in the last days to be saved.
That's why many people are looking for David. So, who is David in the Bible?
The book of Revelation tells us that the root of David is Jesus. however this Jesus is not the first coming Jesus,
but the second coming Jesus. So, how can we know the Second Coming Jesus? God has given us a Proof.

Isa 55: I will make an everlasting covenant with you, my faithful love promised to David.

The everlasting covenant is the New Covenant Passover. Through this, we can see that the person
who establishes the New Covenant Passover is the root of David who opens the Bible and the Second Coming Jesus.
According to all these prophecies, it is AhnSangHong who established the New Covenant Passover.
The Bible Clearly testify that the root of David that many people are looking for is AhnSangHong.
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  • 2021-01-12 00:47

    No one can open the mystery of the Bible in heaven, on earth or under the earth except for the root of David.
    From these words, we can know which church we must go to to receive salvation.
    There are many Bible interpreters, doctors of theology, and commentary books about the Bible. It doesn't matter how interpret it, it matters who interprets it. The Bible testifies that only the root of David can interpret the mystery of the Bible, so we must find the root of David.
    So the Bible says that only those who seek and fear David in the end times can be saved.
    The one who appeared with the New Covenant Passover in the last days is the root of David who testifies to the Bible.

    • 2021-01-13 13:23

      Yes! You don't get saved by going to any church, but by going to the church that David's roots have established. The root of David as testify by the Bible is Christ Ahnsanghong! I hope that many people will go to the church established by David's roots and know the true truth and be saved.

  • 2021-01-12 02:06

    The Bible is not a book that can be solved by human knowledge and experience.
    The Bible warns in advance that forcibly interpreting it that way will lead to curses.
    Because God's important work of salvation depends on the truths recorded in the Bible.
    The gospel delivered by Christ Ahnsahnghong is the same as the truth of the First Coming Jesus 2000 years ago.
    To make it easier for people to know who he is.
    Just as Jesus testified that he was the Christ through the Old Testament, Christ Ahnsahnghong revealed himself only through prophecies in the Bible.

  • 2021-01-12 05:32

    God the Father Ahnsahnghong made an everlasting covenant with us according to the prophecy of the root of David in the Bible.

  • 2021-01-12 07:30

    Is there anyone whatever, who is able to find out what has been hidden in the Bible? It's absolutely impossible to do so. We come to understand God's secrets only when we meet the one who appear with the everlasting covenant. This new covenant is unfamiliar even to the Christians. This is none other than the Passover of the new covenant, which was well knows as 'the Last Supper'. As it was written in the Bible, it will be restored only by the 2nd Coming Christ, who appear as the Savior in the age of the Holy Spirit. Christ Ahnsahnghong has come and opened the way to this Passover and established the WMSCOG. This fact means that Christ Ahnsahnghong must be the spiritual King David!

  • 2021-01-12 07:41

    Changing one's name to David does not make one the spiritual David. Christ Ahnsahnghong who came with the strong evidence of the spiritual David (The Everlasting Covenant Passover)! He is the true spiritual David!!

  • 2021-01-12 09:55

    The Bible tells us that only the root of David who has the sign of the Passover of the new covenant can lead us to the way to salvation. Then, Who has brought back to the Passover? It's Christ Ahnsahnghong. Ahnsahnghong came in the flesh to save us through the Passover according to the prophecy of the root of David.

  • 2021-01-12 09:49

    Only the root of David can interpret the Bible correctly. There are so many people in the world. However, only Christ Ahnsahnghong interprets the Bible correctly. It means that Christ Ahnsahnghong is the root of David!!! If he didn't come to the earth, there might be no one who could be saved in the world!! Thank you Father for coming to the earth!! 🙂

  • 2021-01-12 09:49

    Only the Root of David is able to open the sealed Bible and disclose the hidden secrets in the Bible.

    Christ Ahnsahnghong, who is the Root of David, fulfilled all the prophecies of the Bible including the prophecy of King David and the parable of the fig tree, and restored the New Covenant to lead us to the kingdom of heaven.

    The sign of the prophetical David is the New Covenant Passover which is the everlasting covenant.

    Only Christ Ahnsahnghong brought us the Passover which had disappeared for longer than 1600 years since AD325.
    For a long time, there have been lots of pastors and Biblical scholars, only Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the Passover of the Covenant.

    If you keep the Passover of the New Covenant, you can have the forgiveness of sins and possess eternal life which has been promised within this feast.

  • 2021-01-12 11:58

    Only the root of David is able to disclose all the secrets of the Bible. And the symbol of king David is the New Covenant Passover, everlasting covenant promised to David. So Christ Ahnsahnghong who restored the Passover is the root fo David and 2nd coming Christ. Let's believe Him and follow His teachings of the Bible.

  • 2021-01-12 11:58

    Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the truth of the New Covenant, as the root of David. We should hear the words of Christ Ahnsahnghong, who is the only one to be able to open the hidden secrets of the Bible.

  • 2021-01-13 13:13

    On the last day, Only who seek the David can be saved. Even though We should seek King David hard, Christ Ahnsahnghong who is the Root of David sought us. I really give thanks to God Ahnsahnghong.

  • 2021-01-13 13:13

    Yeah, It is very clear that Christ Ahnsahnghong is the root of David who can interpret the Bible.
    It's because only Christ Ahnsahnghong gave us everlasting covenant, Passover and gave us eternal life!
    So we must learn the Bible in the Church of God which Christ Ahnsahnghong established so that we can practice the words of God 🙂

  • 2021-01-13 13:14

    According to all prophecies in the Bible, Ahn Shang-hong is the second coming Jesus, our God, who came to this earth as the Root of David.
    It is our God who restored the New Covenant Passover of the promised eternal life only for prophetic David.
    I hope that we all believe in Ahn Shang-hong, the Savior of this last Holy Spirit, and keep the Passover so that we all receive the blessing of eternal life together and return to our eternal heavenly hometown.

  • 2021-01-13 13:17

    Amen. Only Root of David can lead us to salvation. And we can understand Chritst Ahnsahnghong is Root of David through the Bible.

    • 2021-01-14 23:32

      Amen. It is so obvious!!

  • 2021-01-13 13:22

    Only the Roots of David can reveal the mysteries of the Bible. This means that the Root of David is God, the author of the Bible. According to all the prophecies of the Bible, Christ Ahnsahnghong who restored the truth of the New Covenant of the early church is the Rood of David, our God.

  • 2021-01-17 13:33

    There are lots of churches around the world but only the church established by the Root of David is the true church. Churches without the Root of David are false. The World Mission Society Church of God is established by Christ Ahnsahnghong who has come as the Root of David according to the prophecy of the Bible.

  • 2021-02-15 05:59

    Our life only depends on God Elohim. God the Father of the Christ Ahnsahnghong, Who is to come as the Root of David and open the seal on the Bible, came already as A man and revealed the truth of the Passover, the significant sign which the Root of David has to unveil its secrets. Let's give all our thanks and honour to Him for making us the secrets of the Passover.

  • 2021-12-14 14:14

    Jesus prophesied that no one could fully know the Bible until the Root of David appeared.
    Only the root of David, who is the Second Coming Jesus, can reveal the truth of the New Covenant, which is the complete truth of the Bible.
    The new covenant was established by Jesus at the first coming and restored by Jesus at the second coming.
    God Ahnsahnghong taught us the new covenant.
    God Ahnsahnghong is the Second Coming Jesus, the root of David.

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