Why should we keep the Passover? [WMSCOG]

2023-12-07 12:51


Many christians want to receive the God's blessing.
They always pray and worship to God.

Then, what is a real way to receive the God's blessing?

Can we receive the God's blessing to only pray?
Can we receive the God's blessing to worship?

We should keep the God's words in order to receive the God's blessing.
What is the God's words?

The God's words written in the bible.
We can know and understand the God's words through the bible.

John 5:39
You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life.

Have you heard about Passover the new covenant?
The Passover is the God's word in the bible.
Another word, we can receive the God's blessing when we keep the Passover.

Do you want receive the God's blessing
Keep the Passover the new covenant as following the God's words.
Thanks to Christ AhnSahngHong who accepted the new covenant Passover which God's will.

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  • 2023-12-08 14:21

    In the redemptive work that God is accomplishing, God, the Passover, and salvation are inseparable. I hope you will participate in the work of redemption through the Passover and gain eternal life. Thank you Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for restoring the New Covenant Passover.

  • 2023-12-10 11:36

    God commanded us to use the first commandment to love God with all our hearts and to use the Passover as a sign on our hands and between our eyebrows to mean that no matter what we do or what we think, we should keep it at the center of our hearts.
    Doesn’t this mean that the commandment to love God with all your heart and the Passover are essentially the same?
    We can confirm the inseparable relationship between the Passover and the first commandment by saying the same thing at the beginning, both when talking about the Passover and when talking about the first commandment.

  • 2023-12-10 11:38

    Jesus set an example of a Passover celebrated with bread symbolizing his flesh and wine symbolizing his blood. Therefore, the New Testament's Passover is a communion held on the evening of the 14th day of the first month by the sacred calendar, as Jesus set an example, with bread symbolizing the flesh of Jesus and wine symbolizing the blood of Jesus.
    The New Testament's Passover is a feast in which forgiveness of sins, or eternal life, is promised to the people who eat and drink the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ, who was sacrificed as the substance of the Passover lamb. It is a feast established by Christ to take pity on and save His people who are prisoners of sin and await death, so souls who believe in and love Christ should keep the New Covenant Passover with a grateful heart!

  • 2023-12-14 13:09

    The way to be blessed by God is the Passover of New covenant. As the prophecy of the Bible shows, we can be blessed and go to heaven by observing the Passover of New covenant. Let's observe the Passover of New covenant at WMSCOG and go to heaven together.

  • 2023-12-14 13:26

    God opened us the way back to the Kingdom of Heaven through great sacrifice. And here, His great love is contained in the Passover. I give thanks and glory to the Elohim God for allowing me chance to call you "Father", "Mother" as the children of God.

  • 2023-12-14 13:31

    Many people want to go to heaven, but they don‘t know exactly how to get there. However, God granted the blessing of eternal life in heaven on the Passover of the new covenant. I hope everyone will be blessed by keeping the Passover of the new covenant.

  • 2023-12-14 13:33

    In order to receive the eternal life, we must keep the Passover as God promised.

  • 2023-12-14 13:33

    The Bible teaches us to keep the Passover. Then, what should we do? We need to follow the words of God, keeping the Passover. That’s how we can receive blessings from God. By obeying the commandments, let’s enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2023-12-14 13:33

    God allowed the forgiveness of sins, the eternal life, the way to be protected by all of disasters and much blessing through the Passover. So, we must keep the Passover preciously.

  • 2023-12-14 13:35

    Without Passover the new covenant,we couldn't receive eternal life. Passover the new covenant is the only way to the kingdom of heaven

  • 2023-12-14 13:35

    Through God's word written in the Bible, we can meet our savior and receive blessings of God by keeping the teachings of God. It's the way of salvation which God allows us.  We can keep the New Covenant by obeying the words of God to receive salvation only in the Church of God.

  • 2023-12-14 13:34

    Why should we keep the Passover of the new covenant? Because keeping the Passover of New covenant ,we receive salvation and eternal life.

  • 2023-12-14 13:35

    God let us know how can we be blessed. It is Passover. Keeping the Passover, let's receive blessing of eternal life.

  • 2023-12-14 13:35

    Those who want to follow God's Word must keep the New Covenant Passover.
    The blessing of eternal life is given to those who keep the New Covenant Passover with heart and sincerity.

  • 2023-12-14 13:35

    Amen. The Bible teaches that keeping the New Covenant Passover is the only way to receive the blessing of salvation from God. The New Covenant Passover was uniquely taught by Christ Ahnsahnghong. I hope everyone obeys the teachings of Christ Ahnsahnghong and enjoys the blessings of eternal life!

  • 2023-12-14 13:36

    The only church that celebrates the Passover according to God will is the World Mission Society Church of God.
    Please learn about Passover and follow God’s will to be saved.

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