When should we go to church to worship? [WMSCOG]

2024-01-14 08:50

Many christians worship the God.
And they go to church to worship the God on sunday.

But, is a correct to go to church to worship on sunday?

The bible clearly testifies a true worship day is the Sabbath day on saturday.



Genesis 2:1~3
Thus the heavens and the earth were completed in all their vast array.
By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing;
so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.
Then God blessed the seventh day and made it holy,
 because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.

Exodus 20:8
Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.


Someone insists what's wrong when it's only a day apart.
But, the God surely commanded the Sabbath day as worship day.

If we surely want to get the salvation, we should follow a will of God.
Christ AhnSahngHong and God the Mother as the Savior allowed the Sabbath day
to our salvation.

Matthew 7:21
Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven,
but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.

Even though many christians keep the sunday worship,
we should keep the Sabbath day which God's commandment.



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  • 2024-01-14 13:21

    God's people keep the seventh day, the Sabbath, holy. We are members of the Church of God who keep our faith according to God’s will, not according to our thoughts.

  • 2024-01-15 07:33

    As God's people, we believe in God and live a life of faith to receive the salvation of our souls.
    It can be said that the most important thing in our life of faith is worship to God.
    For this reason, Church of God members worship on the Sabbath.
    Additionally, members of the Church of God hold a three-day service on Tuesdays.
    The members of the Church of God offer each service in spirit and truth, study the Word of God, give glory and praise to God, and move forward on the path of faith with the hope of heaven.
    Worship is a time dedicated to God, so it should be offered reverently and with all your heart and sincerity.

  • 2024-01-15 07:35

    God commanded us to keep the Sabbath as the fourth commandment among the Ten Commandments.
    God created heaven and earth in six days, rested on the seventh day, blessed that day, and made it a holy day to commemorate (Genesis 2:1~).
    If you believe in God the Creator, it is also right to keep the Sabbath and remember the anniversary of the Creator of heaven and earth.
    Sunday worship was a pagan festival that was introduced into Christianity in 321 A.D. when Emperor Constantine issued an order to close Sundays.
    This happened as the church became corrupted and deteriorated away from the Word of God.
    No matter how much it has been followed for over 1,000 years, if it is a wrong path that deviates from God's Word, you must turn from it and keep God's commandments.
    If you are a child of God, you must naturally keep the Sabbath written in the Bible.
    The Church of God that observes the Sabbath, which Jesus observed (Luke 4:16) and which the apostles also observed (Acts 17:2), is the true church recognized by God.^^

  • 2024-01-15 10:26

    Commonly, Christians know that Jesus resurrected on Sunday and Bible says it is the first day of week. Then, what day is the 7th day among a week?, it is the Saturday. Thus, the Sabbath day-the 7th day we should worship to God is on Saturday not Sunday.

  • 2024-01-15 01:56

    A reason why keeping the Sabbath day is God's will.
    When we obey God's will, we can receive a blessing of God.
    The Sabbath day is a will of God.
    This is why we should keep the Sabbath day.
    Our God AhnSahngHong allowed the Sabbath day for our salvation.
    I will keep the Sabbath day until the end.

  • 2024-01-15 11:14

    The day God has chosen for God's people to bless is the Saturday, Sabbath. People might think that it is not a big deal to go to churches, however, we should understand that God has specially chosen for God's people and commanded us to not only remember but keep it holy. Then shouldn't we have to follow God's will? 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ kept the Sabbath day and set an example. In this age, God has come in the flesh and restored all the truth of the New Covenant as well as the Sabbath day. Since the Sabbath day is a really important regulation of God we should keep it. Thanks to Spirit and the Bride who has come to restore all the truth of the Bible.

  • 2024-01-15 13:08

    These days, people worship on Sundays, but the Bible does not tell them to worship on Sundays.
    The Bible tells us that we have to worship on Saturday.
    If you are a believer in God, you should worship on the Saturday that God told you.

  • 2024-01-15 13:45

    The seventh-day Sabbath, on which God's great blessings are granted to us. Just as Jesus and the apostles did, the church that keeps the Sabbath according to the Bible is the church of God. The World Mission Society Church of God, founded by Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong, observes the seventh-day Sabbath (Saturday).

  • 2024-01-15 13:47

    I am thankful to Father and Mother God for allowing me to worship on Sabbath Saturday.

  • 2024-01-15 13:48

    God's people should worship on the day God commanded them.
    That is the proof that it is God's people.
    We are blessed by God by observing the Sabbath on Saturday.
    Let's work hard to keep God's commandments until the end!

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