The Church of God that keeps the New Testament Passover established by Jesus, not the Old Testament Passover

2022-08-19 06:13
The Church of God that keeps the New Testament Passover established by Jesus, not the Old Testament Passover

There are people who insist that the Passover is an Old Testament law, so there is no need to keep it.

However, the Passover observed in the Church of God is not kept according to the feasts of the Old Testament, but according to the example kept by Jesus, the Savior in the New Testament age.

Then, let's take a look at what is the difference between the Passover of the Old and New Testaments and why we must keep the Passover of the New Testament.

God said He would bring a plague that would destroy all the firstborns in Egypt, and He commanded the Israelites to keep the Passover so that they would not suffer this plague.

Exodus 12:5-11
The animals you choose must be year-old males without defect, and you may take them from the sheep or the goats.
Take care of them until the fourteenth day of the month, when all the people of the community of Israel must slaughter them at twilight.
Then they are to take some of the blood and put it on the sides and tops of the doorframes of the houses where they eat the lambs.
..... it is the LORD's Passover.

Exodus 12:29-33
At midnight the LORD struck down all the firstborn in Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh, who sat on the throne, to the firstborn of the prisoner, who was in the dungeon, and the firstborn of all the livestock as well....During the night Pharaoh summoned Moses and Aaron and said, "Up! Leave my people, you and the Israelites! Go, worship the LORD as you have requested....The Egyptians urged the people to hurry and leave the country. "For otherwise," they said, "we will all die!"

The Israelites who kept the Passover were saved from the plague of destroying the firstborn and freed from Egypt and were able to go to the promised land of Canaan.

How will we keep the New Testament Passover according to who's guidance?

Matthew 26:17-19
... the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Where do you want us to make preparations for you to eat the Passover?"...So the disciples did as Jesus had directed them and prepared the Passover.

The New Testament Passover is to be set free from slavery to sin by keeping the Passover with bread and wine following the guidance of Jesus.
Because Jesus came as the reality of the Passover lamb, in the New Testament, the Passover bread and wine are no longer a lamb, but the Passover must be kept.

1 Corinthians 5:7
...For Christ, our Passover lamb, has been sacrificed.

Therefore, according to the teachings of Jesus, we must keep the New Covenant Passover until the end of the world.

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  • 2022-08-19 09:32

    Amen! Some people misunderstand that the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) keeps the Passover of the Old Covenant. But the Church of God keeps the Passover of the New Covenant, NOT of the Old Covenant.

    We cannot get salvation through the feasts of the Old Covenant. In this age of the New Testament, we must keep the feasts of the New Covenant.

    Jesus established the Passover of the New Covnenat and promised the forgiveness of sins (Matthew 26:28) and eternal life (John 6:53-54; Matthew 26:27-28.) He declared the Passover as the New Covenant. According to the teachings of Jesus, the WMSCOG members observe the Passover of the New Covenant.

    The World Mission Society Church of God is the only church that keeps the Passover of the New Covenant today because Christ Ahnsahnghong brought it back to us.

  • 2022-08-19 12:50

    If we want to get salvation, we should obey the teachings of God. the New Covenant Passover is the truth of eternal life that God Himself established with sacrifice. In addition, the Passover is the last will of Jesus before suffer on the Cross. the bread of the Passover is Jesus' flesh and the wine of the Passover is Jesus' blood. Jesus himself promised eternal life to those who eat Jesus' flesh and drink His blood. we can obtain Jesus' flesh and blood by keeping the New Covenant Passover.

  • 2022-08-19 13:52

    Are you attending a church that leads to the kingdom of heaven? Every church claims that they have the truths of life for the kingdom of heaven. Then, what's the way to distinguish the true church from the false? A true church must follow the teachings from Christ Jesus, who came to earth as the Savior. He preached the good news of the new covenant for eternal salvation. For example, He established the Passover of the new covenant to bless us with the forgiveness of sins.
    In this age, only the members of the WMSCOG are keeping this Passover, keeping in step with Christ Jesus.

  • 2022-08-19 13:52

    Let's keep the new covenant Passover which Jesus has established 2,000 years ago. That is the truth. Now, only WMSCOG keeps the new covenant Passover. Numerous churches on this earth don't keep it. Because they don't know the truth. Christ Ahnsahnghong has recovered all the lost new covenant include the Passover.

  • 2022-08-20 14:39

    Amen!! Many accuse WMSCOG of being a legalist. Their argument is based on ignorance. The law given by God is the law of Moses, and there is the law of Christ. The law of Moses is passing away, and the law of Christ is perfect. Jesus has given us the new covenant, a corporation that can be lived if we keep it. Instead of slaughtering and keeping the lamb on the Passover day according to the Old Testament way, it is eating and drinking the bread and wine representing the flesh and blood of God during the Passover. WMSCOG celebrates the New Covenant Passover, the law of Christ. If you want to be saved, you must keep the new covenant.

  • 2022-08-25 13:16

    God has compassion on people who are living in vain and vain lives, so He came to this earth to avoid the pain of death and to give them eternal life. The fact that God in heaven came to this earth means that He came in human form just like human beings. That God Himself came to this earth to give eternal life to those who have no choice but to die is the happiest and most joyful news.

  • 2022-09-15 15:29

    The only church that keeps the New Covenant Passover is wmscog.

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