Zion, where God dwells in

2020-10-21 12:53
As believers, we should know the right place to meet God for our spiritual blessing.
In the Bible, there are records about God's dwelling place.

Ps132:13 For the LORD has chosen zion he has desired it for his dwelling:
"This is my resting place for ever and ever; here I will set enthroned, for I have desired it-

zion-where-the-feasts-of-the-new-covenant-are-celebrated/" title="Know more">Zion is the place where God has chosen for His dwelling place.
Then where is Zion?

Isa33:20 Look up on Zion, the city of our festivals;

Zion is the place, where God's festivals are kept in.
God feasts are , feast of Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Feast of weeks, Feast of Trumpets,
Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacle and (Lev23:1-44).

In the world, only keeps all the feasts of God.
Even though there are numerous churches in the world,
the only place where our God dwells in is World Mission Society Church of God. ().

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  • 2020-11-04 01:57

    Come to Zion, World Mission Society Church of God where keep the Feasts of God.
    If you come to WMSCOG, you can meet and see Elohim God, the Saviors in the age of the Holy Spirit.

  • 2020-11-04 13:15

    Let's go to God's place where God dwell in it for salvation of heavenly children. There is Zion, the Church of God !!

  • 2020-11-05 06:35

    Anyone who want to meet God, created heaven and earth, should go to Zion where God Elohim dwell. Many insist they know where Zion is and what Zion is like. Even if it has the same name of Zion, as long as it doesn't keep God's feasts; the Passover, the Sabbath and other biblical feasts of the New Covenant, it cannot be ZION. If it's true ZION, it should be a place to celebrate God's feasts!

  • 2020-11-08 14:04

    I wanted to be saved, so I was looking for God, but I didn't know where God was.
    I vaguely thought that if I went to church, there would be God. However, there was no God there.
    Many people go to church with the same idea as me. But they, like me, cannot find God there.
    How sad it is!!
    The place where God is, is the place to observe the feasts of God.
    God himself establishes Zion, a place of feasting, and dwells there, gathering lost children.
    I am grateful to my father and mother for showing us Zion, who keeps the feasts, and for saving us.

  • 2020-11-14 13:34

    Zion is really a place full of happiness. We are promised eternal life keeping the Feasts of God in there.

  • 2020-11-14 14:20

    In Zion, we can meet God and receive the forgiveness of sins.

  • 2020-11-10 04:17

    I am really happy to be here in WMSCOG where God Elohim dwell. Want to share this great happiness with people around the world. 🙂

  • 2020-11-30 15:39

    Amen! We can meet God only in Zion, where God's dwelling place. In order to receive salvation from God, we must go to spiritual Zion where God's feasts are kept. Now, there are so many churches in the world. And they proclaim that God is in their church. However, if the church does not keep the feasts of God, God is not there. Then, nowadays, which church keeps the feasts of God? It is the only World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). So we can say very confidently that our WMSCOG is the spiritual Zion where we can meet God. Please come to WMSCOG to receive eternal salvation!

  • 2020-12-02 14:38

    I'm happy to receive God Elohim in Zion. It's pleasure to meet God Elohim in person in Zion. I'm so blessed to be taught by God Elohim in Zion. I'm very glad to keep the God's feasts in Zion. We cannot receive God Elohim except in Zion. I'd like to start my day in praying God Elohim in ZION!

  • 2020-12-02 14:42

    It means only the church which keep the God's feasts according to God's teaching is true church Where God dwell. Only in that place we can receive bless of God!

  • 2020-12-02 14:46

    I am impressed with the words that it is a resting place forever and forever. I was able to realize the importance of God's feasts. I give all glory and thanks to God for helping me so that understand God's commandments and keep the all the feasts.

  • 2020-12-02 15:04

    Truly zion is the place where God dwells. God says that it is His house. Only Church of God keeps the feasts according to God's words. It means that Church of God is zion:)

  • 2020-12-06 12:25

    Only WMSCOG keep God's feasts. We also have to keep the feasts by following God's saying.

  • 2020-12-06 12:59

    Zion is the place where God dwells. Therefore, we have to go to Zion to receive eternal life from God.

  • 2020-12-06 13:22

    Amen!! God's dwelling place Zion is the church where keeps God's feasts.

  • 2020-12-06 12:59

    Amen. Also there are Elohim god who is our spiritual farther and mother.

  • 2020-12-06 13:56

    I am very happy to be in Zion where God's dwelling place. I have met God in Zion. They are our spiritual Father and Mother. And they taught us the Feasts of God to be saved. So I will keep God's feasts in Zion till the end. Then, we will surly enter eternal Kingdom of Heaven!

  • 2020-12-06 14:02

    We have to know where the Zion is for our salvation. Zion is the Church of God where God's festivals are kept..

  • 2020-12-06 13:59

    Amen!!! According to the word of God, we can be clearly aware of where God resides. Normally people think that God dwells in their own churches, the thing is, God only dwells in Zion where God's feasts are celebrated such as New Covenant Passover, Sabbath....etc. The only Zion is the WMSCOG.

  • 2020-12-31 00:17

    In the spiritual Zion, we can meet God and receive eternal life. Zion is the place where God's feasts are celebrated. WMSCOG is Zion where we must go in the last days.

  • 2021-03-17 13:16

    If Zion is the place where God's feasts kept, the churches in the world where keep the Sunday worship, X-mass and Easter are not the Zion.

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