Christianity and Ahnsahnghong

Noah’ Ark
2020-11-23 02:18
The Church of God is the only the Christianity.
Christianity means a religion believe in God who comes in the flesh.
The Church of God is called cult from other religion or churchs.
It is because to believe in God who comes in the flesh.
However, the Church of God believe in second coming christ Ahnsahnghong who came according to the bible.
They don't worship a man but God who came in the flesh.

People who clam themselves to christian believe in Jesus who came in the flesh.
Though they reject to believe in Ahnsahnghong who came in the flesh as God since they can't accept it.
God already wore the flesh and came to the earth.
Nevertheless, they slander Ahnsahnghong in the Church of God just like the Pharisees who yelled crucifiction at Jesus in front of the court 2000 yrs ago.

Is there anyone think the religious leaders who crucified Jesus went to heaven? Nobody.

Where are all they who ridiculed and crucified Jesus?

We need to think about it very seriously.
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  • 2020-11-23 02:32

    We must first know why God came in the flesh.
    People always avoided fear and tried to flee when they saw God's holy divinity, so God came to this earth in the form of a human to deliver a heart that loves mankind and a message he must give to save mankind.
    Once upon a time, the Israelites could not stand because they were afraid to listen to God's words in the magnificent atmosphere of Mount Sinai, so they asked Moses to intervene.When humans directly hear God's voice, they are afraid, so God came in the same way as humans.
    The reason Christ came to this earth in the flesh is also because he loved mankind so much that he came to save us directly.
    Can God come as a man only once and not twice?
    As prophesied in the Bible, God came as Jesus, the man 2,000 years ago, and in this age, he came as Christ Ahn Shang-hong at second time.

  • 2020-11-23 02:45

    The Bible testifies about the matter of Jesus's coming in the flesh. Why should he come a second time? How can we recognize him? We must seek and accept the second coming Jesus who came in the flesh according to the prophecy of the Bible to save us in this age. We find the answer through the Bible. Christ Ahnsahnghong who brought back the New Covenant must be our savior, almighty God.

  • 2020-11-23 04:35

    We know that those who rejected Jesus as Christ and crucified Him are in hell being in torment. We must not do the same ridiculous mistakes like them. Then, what should we do to avoid making the same mistakes? The Bible testifies about Christ who is to come a second time in the flesh for our salvation. Therefore, all the people living in this world should study the Bible thoroughly in order to seek and meet the Second Coming Christ. Only through the Bible, can we recognize the true Christ and Savior of this last age of the Holy Spirit. Christ Ahnsahonghong is surely the 2nd Coming Christ who has fulfilled all the prophecies on His second coming given through the Bible. Through the Bible, everybody will be able to get conviction.

  • 2020-11-23 09:40

    Amen! WMSCOG believes Christ Ahnsahnghong who came to the earth with the flesh according to prophecies in the Bible. Even he came to the earth with the flesh, he is our almighty God. I hope all the people study the Bible and know why God had to come to the earth with the flesh and meet him.

  • 2020-11-23 11:17

    I've been attending WMSCOG which believes in Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother coming to the earth to save us or to give eternal life. I give thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who let me realize God the Father and God the Mother through all prophecies of the Bible.

  • 2020-12-26 07:49

    Amen! Christ refers to the savior Who comes in the flesh and save His people. Christian refers to a man believing in Christ Who comes in the flesh. Christianity refers to a group or organisation believing in Christ Who comes in the flesh to save them. Therefore I agree with you that the Church of God is the only Christianity believing in Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother!

  • 2020-11-23 12:02

    The reason why rhe Church of God belives in Christ Ahnsahnghong as God is to come in the flesh in accordance with the prophecies in the Bible.

  • 2021-01-18 14:26

    How can we understand the Savior who has come in flesh? Only through prophecies of the Bible.
    Christ Ahnsahnghong fulfilled all the predictions about Christ in the Bible.

  • 2022-06-23 05:29

    That's right. Our goal of faith is to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, finding out the true church is a crucial matter. Since we can meet the true God in the church that the Bible prophesied about. Everything related to salvation should be judged on the basis of the words of the Bible. Christ Ahnsahnghong is our God, the Savor in the last age because He is testified through the words of the Bible.

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