A Place That Keeps The Commandments Of God.

2023-08-22 03:30

Many Christians believe that simply having faith will lead to salvation. They may not prioritize keeping God's commandments, often tending to neglect them.

However, the Bible clearly tells us that God's commandments are meant for the saints who are destined for salvation. It underscores how crucial they are.

Faith is undoubtedly significant for salvation. But does faith merely imply a belief in an idea? Among the forebears of faith, every one of them acted in addition to having faith.

Noah obeyed God's command and constructed an ark. Abraham followed God's word, leaving his homeland and journeying to a new place. Moses heeded the word of God and observed the Passover.

[Hebrews 11:7-28]

By faith, Noah acted on what he had not yet seen, fearing what was warned to him, and he built an ark to save his household...

By faith, Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going...

By faith, Moses...by faith, he instituted the Passover and performed the sprinkling of blood to prevent the destroyer from striking the firstborn...

Faith requires obedience to the word of God; it involves action.

In the New Testament era, the saints also exhibited faith by adhering to Christ's teachings, observing all of God's commandments, and following the truth of the New Covenant.

Hence, the Bible assures that in the last days, salvation will come. The prophetic words indicate that the saints will uphold God's commandments.

[Revelation 12:17] The dragon was enraged at the woman and went to make war with the rest of her offspring—those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus.

[Revelation 14:12] Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.


The saints destined for salvation are those who guard and uphold God's commandments.

Where are the places to keep the new covenant, such as the Sabbath and the Passover? It is the Church of God.
The Church of God is a place that keeps the commandments of God. It is a place where there are people who will be saved.


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  • 2023-08-22 23:13

    Faith is important for our salvation, but it is also important to obey God's Word. Since God has granted great blessings to those who obey and keep the commandments, God's children must keep the commandments of the new covenant.

  • 2023-08-23 06:38

    Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the New Covenant and established the Church of God as Jesus did 2,000 years ago. Because, Christ Ahnsahnghong is our almighty God who gives us salvation through the New Covenant. We must keep the New Covenant in the Church of God to receive salvation.

  • 2023-08-23 13:34

    No matter how righteous a person may be on this earth, in the spiritual point of view he is just a sinner who committed grave sins in heaven and was cast down to this earth. What he needs most for salvation is to receive the forgiveness of sins through the blood of Christ. That's why Jesus said that we can be saved when we are baptized by faith, and that the one who does not eat His flesh and drink His blood has no life.

  • 2023-08-23 10:05

    God's commandments include the Sabbath and the Passover. I thank God for finding the Sabbath

  • 2023-08-23 13:34

    Church of God is true zion where God dwells because God's commandments are observed there. I will stay in zion to the end keeping the feasts of God. Also, I hope the more people find this place where God's blessing overflows.

  • 2023-08-23 13:34

    The people of God, who will be saved for the last time, keep God's commands. God's commands such as Sabbath and Passover are symbols of us (God's people) and God. And the Church of God is the only place where God’s command be kept.

  • 2023-08-23 13:35

    The genuine faith requires the obedience to the words of God. Every record of the bible was written for us living in this last age. Having faith, the forebears of faith practiced God's words. This shows us we should also obey God's commandments in this age, too! Among numerous churches around the world, World Mission Society Church of God is the only church practicing all the teachings of God, so we can receive salvation only here in WMSCOG. Please come!!

  • 2023-08-23 13:36

    Do not believe in God according to your own thoughts. If you believe in God, you must keep God's commandments.

  • 2023-08-24 12:40

    We must keep the commandments of God with patience.

  • 2023-08-26 14:32

    God said that only those who keep God's laws will be recognized as God's people. Not just believing, but doing must be accompanied. Noah, Moses, and Abraham, the prophets of the Old Testament Age, always acted according to the word given by God. In this New Testament era, we must keep the commandments of God, such as the Sabbath and the Passover, which Jesus himself set an example for until the end of the world. It is because God said that only those who keep God's commandments to the end will be the people to be saved.

  • 2023-12-26 02:05

    According to the bible, the place where the festivals of God are kept is Zion. Zion is the place where God dwells and teaches his laws and commands. As the fulfillment of the prophecies Christ Ahnsahnghong came and established the Zion by restoring the festivals of God. World Mission Society Church of God is the true Zion where we can meet God. God bless people in Zion with eternal life.

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