Passover, the Love of God who gave His children HIs own flesh and blood

Luna Lee
2021-03-09 14:17
God is love. Everything done by God, every purpose and will of God has come through His love.
The Passover is a feast that God has established through His love to give us life.

There was a great earthquake in Russia, and a whole town was laid in ruins. At that time, a mother and her baby were buried alive under the rubble for several days. The mother lost consciousness when the building collapsed. At the cry of her baby, she barely recovered consciousness. Then she found out that the whole town had become a town of death and that she and her baby were buried under the ruins caused by the earthquake. She tried to breast-feed her crying baby, but the milk didn't come out well because she hadn't eaten or drink anything, not even a sip of water, for several days.It was obvious that if they were not rescued, they would lose their lives.
The mother decided to do something extreme in order to keep her baby alive until a rescue squad arrived. She took a sharp stone, cut off part of her finger and let her baby drink the blood dripping from her finger.
After a while, a relief squad arrived to save the mother and her baby. Unfortunately, the mother had already died, but her baby who was sucking her finger was still alive and safely rescued.
To save her baby, the mother tore her own flesh and let her child drink the blood flowing from it. It was an act of her extreme to save her child.

Through this real story, we come to understand God's love for us. Like the mother, God gave us, who were destined to die, His flesh to eat and His blood to drink in order to grant us the forgiveness of sins and lead us to eternal life and salvation.

Matt 26:26~28 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, “Take and eat; this is my body.”
27 Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying, “Drink from it, all of you.
28 This is my blood of the[b] covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins

Whenever we eat the Passover bread representing Christ' s flesh and drink the Passover wine symbolizing His blood, we should not only rejoice in having eternal life but remember the holy love of our God the Father and God the Mother.
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  • 2021-03-10 00:42

    It's really touching. I repent my sins that I ate the Passover bread and drank Passover wine without remembering God's sacrifice deeply. I give eternal thanks and praise to our God the Father and God the Mother for saving us by dying instead of us.

  • 2021-03-09 14:25

    God hid His love in the Passover. whoever keeps the Passover can understand God's love for us. I would like to offer all my thanks to the Elohim God who let me understand the truth.

  • 2021-03-10 09:39

    The Bible says that we're the slavery of death under the power of Satan. We can't escape from death by ourselves. However, As the Bible says that God loves us so much, He came down in the to let us free from death , and even lead us to the kingdom of heaven through the Passover of the new covenant which He established by His flesh torn and His blood shed on the cross.
    Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother have come again to this earth and reestablished the Passover abolished for long years to forgive our sins and give us eternal life. I truly give thanks to Father and Mother.

  • 2021-03-10 13:10

    Jesus was God but came in the flesh in save sinners. How did He save sinners?

    Jesus established the Passover of the New Covenant with His flesh and blood. He shed His precious blood on the cross to forgive sinners:

    Matthew 26:28 This is my blood of the[b] covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.

    God opened the way to the kingdom of heavn through His sacrifice. However, the New Covenant established by Jesus disappered during the Dark Ages.

    For this reason, it's prophesied that Christ is to appear a second time to bring salvation (Hebrews 9L28.) According to the prophecy of the Bible, Christ Ahnsahnghong came to the earth to bring salvation by restoring the Passover of the New Covenant.

    I give eternal thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong for brining back the New Covenant to save sinner.

  • 2021-03-10 13:44

    We, who became the children of God through the New Covenant Passover, receive abundant love from God Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. From now on, we diligently preach the truth of Passover to the people around the world so that they can also receive the boundless love of God.

  • 2021-03-10 13:46

    To save us, God Himself established the Passover of the New Covenant as His flesh and blood. In this last age, Christ Ahnsahnghong has come a second time and restored the Passover of the New Covenant as His sacrifice. We must realize God's sacrifice and love to give us salvation and we should preach the gospel to all nations.

  • 2021-03-10 13:46

    God gave mankind God's flesh and blood. And he said that's the blood which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. God sacrificed himself just for us. I give thanks and glory to Elohim god, for allowing us forgiveness of our sin without any costs.

  • 2021-03-10 13:48

    God's only wish is our salvation.
    God gave us His flesh and blood just for saving us and giving us eternal life.
    We never forget God's endless love for us by keeping the Passover.

  • 2021-03-10 13:52

    Let us celebrate the Passover as the Bible teaches us, so that we can have eternal life and go to the heaven together.

  • 2021-03-11 10:20

    Through the Passover we are in God and God is in us. The Passover of the new covenant is the most precious truth that Jesus established. The Passover is the love of God.

  • 2021-03-11 13:27

    The story of a mother who cut her finger to save her baby's life by feeding her shedding blood is heartbreaking and touching. A mother's unconditional love for her children cannot be compared to God's love. Let us give eternal thanks to God who came to this earth in the flesh and sacrificed on behalf of our sins.

  • 2021-03-11 13:43

    I give all honor, glory and praise to our Elohim God, for coming down to this earth to give us the opportunity to partake in the flesh and blood of Christ. Without Their coming, I wouldn't have been able to even dare look up to or wish to go back to heaven.

  • 2021-03-11 13:49

    God has established the Passover truth through the great sacrifice to give us life. I hope everyone realizes the value of Passover and keeps it.

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