Let’s overcome the dead point to enter the kingdom of heaven where Father Ahnsahnghong is waiting for us

Pictured by wmscog_DEAD POINT

When we do aerobic exercise such as marathon or mountain climbing, there is a point in time where we are so out of breath and dizzy that we feel like giving up. It is called the “dead point.” At that point, most people stop exercising or start again after taking a break.

However, if we endure the pain and continue to exercise when we arrive at the dead point, we can experience some changes in our body; our breathing becomes deeper within at least 5 minutes, our heart rate gets stable, and the pain goes away. Once we endure the moment of pain, it helps every part of our body function efficiently enough to adapt to exercise, so we naturally feel like exercising even more.

Now I am running the race of faith towards my destination, the kingdom of heaven. I commit myself to overcoming the dead point in my race of faith with patience so that I can joyfully reach the finish line—Heaven where Father Ahnsahnghong is waiting for me.

SH Jeong from Brussels, Belgium

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