Let’s overcome the dead point to enter the kingdom of heaven where Father Ahnsahnghong is waiting for us

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When we do aerobic exercise such as marathon or mountain climbing, there is a point in time where we are so out of breath and dizzy that we feel like giving up. It is called the “dead point.” At that point, most people stop exercising or start again after taking a break.

However, if we endure the pain and continue to exercise when we arrive at the dead point, we can experience some changes in our body; our breathing becomes deeper within at least 5 minutes, our heart rate gets stable, and the pain goes away. Once we endure the moment of pain, it helps every part of our body function efficiently enough to adapt to exercise, so we naturally feel like exercising even more.

Now I am running the race of faith towards my destination, the kingdom of heaven. I commit myself to overcoming the dead point in my race of faith with patience so that I can joyfully reach the finish line—Heaven where Father Ahnsahnghong is waiting for me.

SH Jeong from Brussels, Belgium

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24 Responses

  1. bluelight says:

    Even if there are some obstacles on the path of faith in the wilderness, we will not depend on people but will run to heaven looking only at our Elohim God.

  2. Stephen says:

    Let’s overcome all trials and hardship, believing in God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother. Amen.

  3. EunA says:

    We are running the race of faith to heaven. Let’s run hard and arrive safely.

  4. EunA says:

    We are running the race of faith spiritually. Never get tired and never give up, let’s go safely to Heaven where the Father is together.

  5. 빛사랑이라별 says:

    Amen. Let’s not give up on the race of faith until the day we meet Father Ahnsahnghong.

  6. Casey says:

    Let us overcome all trials and pain by looking forward to entering the heaven!

  7. Dina says:

    Let’s endure a little pain so that we can receive much blessings of Heaven!

  8. Day says:

    Let’s all get ready to go to Heaven!

  9. Nicky says:

    When we walk a path of faith we face to dead point. But we have to remember that our Father and Mother are with us, and help us to overcome hardship!

  10. Eden says:

    Even if we need to run the race for the kingdom of heaven to the dead point, it’s worth it enough for it is the world beyond our imagination and where God, our Heavenly parents are! 😀

  11. Cathy says:

    I can overcome the dead-point in the way of faith because God the Father and God the Mother always help me and encourage me.

  12. Michelle says:

    Even though there are hardships and problems walking the path in faith, we have nothing to feel afraid of.

    We have Elohim God -our Heavenly Father and Mother!  In God, everything is possible.

  13. mr says:

    I will endure to the last until enter to the kingdom of heaven.

  14. Dennis says:

    Amen. I also experienced deed point in the race of faith. Although it was hard and I wanted to take a break for a while, I didn’t give up. So Father and Mother gave me more firm faith and made my soul stronger. Thanks to Elohim God for giving power to your children.

  15. sara says:

    I am running the race of faith towards my destination, the kingdom of heaven. I will not give up. Thanks to father and mother who always waits for me patiently!

  16. Flinen Jane says:

    By thinking heavenly Father and Mother that they endured everything on this earth even death only for our salvation, I will keep walking this path of gospel with my loving brothers and sisters in WMSCOG.



  17. sunny says:

    I can overcome all things when I’m thinking of heaven.

  18. sam says:

    Heavenly Father and Mother are rooting for us. “Let’s cheer up a little more . Heavenly kingdom is right in front of you.” 🙂

  19. gyojk says:

    While walking through the way of faith, l will overcome many difficulties with Love of God

  20. sarah says:

    Because We are children of God, we will receive the honor and will get authority of Heavenly parents. And, For them, We also have to receive suffering and hardship which God the Father and God the Mother underwent. It may be little hard, It is very little thing in comparison with eternal kingdom of heaven. Let’s cheer up and don’t give up! Heaven is near!

  21. YMP says:

    I will overcome the spiritual ‘dead point’ by praying to Elohim God. The pain is a moment and heavenly glory is everlasting! Our heavenly glory is so near. Let’s keep running to the heaven !

  22. jessica says:

    I want not to stop or break when I reach dead time. If I overcome it I can have deeper faith and go to Heaven. I really want Christ Ahnsahnghong as soon as possible.

  23. irenetheron says:

    Well said.  In the life of faith, we naturally go through many hardships. However each time we fall on those hardships, if we keep trying to overcome all of them thr praying to Elohim God, we will find ourselves in heaven at the end.

  24. Ali says:

    Heavenly Father and Mother who love me silently and wait for me patiently until I reach to the eternal kingdom of heaven. So I won’t give up even if the race of faith is hard.

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