Like a God the Mother who has vital power to revive our souls

Pictured by whoiswmscog, water of life given by God the Mother

When I was a child, I liked instant food which was simple to make in the blink of an eye. It was after I grew up that I preferred food which was made wholeheartedly by my mom’s hand. As I’ve become in the position to cook for my family now, I know all the more that food made with a sincere heart is much tastier and healthier than instant food.

Though I’m short on experience, I have learned one formula through cooking. The more you work hard for food, the more delicious it becomes. Even when it comes to a bowl of soup, there is great difference in the depth of taste between the one made halfheartedly with artificial seasoning in it and the one made with a meat broth, using all sorts of natural ingredients, that has brewed for a very long time.

I think this principle can be applied to spiritual matters as well. If we, the spiritual chefs who deliver God’s words of life, preach the words halfheartedly, people may not be able to feel the true taste of the truth.

The reason the words of the water of life, which God the Mother gives us, always tastes sweet as honey is because it is filled with love and devotion. Heavenly Mother’s word contains Her deep and generous love toward Her children, so it has vital power to revive our souls. From now on, I too will preach the gospel with the heart of Mother.

IS Choi from Korea

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