Mother, how tired are you? (WMSCOG) – Father Ahnsahnghong & God the Mother

Mother how tired are you (WMSCOG)-Father Ahnsahnghong & God the Mother

Recently, I had to take charge of all the housework because my grandmother was hospitalized and my mom had to take care of her. After finishing my work, I had to do the laundry and dishes. When I finished the housework, it was about one o’clock in the morning. One day, I just laid down as soon as I got home, feeling sick and tired.

‘How has my mom managed to do this all her life?’

My mom got a job when I entered elementary school. As soon as she came back home, she prepared food for me and my brother, gave us a bath and cleaned the house. She wasn’t really a healthy person. She was often sick because of her chronic disease. Although I am young and healthy, I feel very tired from doing housework. However, this must be nothing compared to what my mom has done for us. Tears poured out from my eyes.

What about Heavenly Mother who has been taking care of us without rest? I repent of my sin for not having fathomed God the Mother’s love and sacrifice. I pray that I will be fully reborn as soon as possible and take some burdens off our Mother’s shoulders.

JH Kim from Korea

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