My Family has Received the Truth in WMSCOG by the Grace of Heavenly Mother

My family was led into WMSCOG

Here is a beautiful story of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). A brother overcame all the slanderous remarks of others and received the truth of God and lead his family into WMSCOG. Let me deliver his story.

When I was a high school senior, I was overwhelmed with anxiety about my future because I was neither especially good at something nor had a certain goal. One day, I followed my best friend to the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). When I entered the Church, the people there welcomed me so warmly as if they were receiving an important visitor. I was somewhat embarrassed but felt good, and I studied the Bible on that day and became a child of God. I wavered in my faith for a while after hearing some slanderous remarks about the Church of God, but soon I discerned the truth from falsehood through the words of the Bible and grew up in faith, along with my friend.

While watching the film titled “The passion of the Christ,” especially when I saw Jesus praying for the forgiveness of sinners even at the moment He was being crucified, I was able to feel God’s deep love and sacrifice which no one could fully fathom or understand.

I wanted to deliver the love of God to my mother who was always my strength. Just the thought of her made me teary-eyed. Although I wanted to preach the Word to her so earnestly, I did not know where to start. The only thing I could do was just pray. I had never done anything with such a passion before in my life.

On my mother’s day off, I begged her to go to the Church of God, thinking it was the best chance to lead her to Zion. She was overcome by her daughter’s continuous persuasion and came to Zion. Seeing the member’s bright smiles, she opened her mind and became part of our heavenly family that day. I was so happy that a song of gratitude naturally came out of my mouth.

Unfortunately, however, my mother closed her mind soon, saying that she just went to the Church because it was her daughter’s request. I studied the Bible fervently to deliver the truth to her, and I also diligently helped her with household chores. After watching my change carefully, my mother came to Zion again and started to build up her faith. Then she and I led my younger brother to Zion.

My brother is very special to my mother. Seeing her deep love for him, I could feel the depth of Heavenly Mother’s love. The love of Heavenly Mother must be so great for me. Now it was time to lead my father to God, but my mind went blank. Since he was usually very busy with his work, I could hardly see him, and I was not that close with him as I was with my mother.

One day, my father was preparing to go out to meet his friends. As the Passover was drawing near, I felt a sense of urgency. I amiably delivered my sincere desire to go to kingdom of heaven together with my loving father. Since I was not usually so friendly to him, he curiously looked at me when when I earnestly asked him to go to the Church of God together with me. Then he canceled his previous appointment and came to Zion to receive the truth. Tears kept pouring down my face.

It really seemed impossible, but God answered all my wished. Mother was sacrificed even to the point that Her appearance was marred, in order to grant Her children’s wishes. I feel sorry toward Mother because it seems that I just sit back and wait for Her to answer my wish. God has given the blessing of salvation to me who does not know anything like a little child, and has made me a gospel worker. No words can express my gratitude to God. I feel somewhat worried if I will be able to graciously carry out the precious mission of the gospel, but I am not afraid, because God the Mother is with me.

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