My parents were led into the arms of Elohim God

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My father’s birthday fell on the day before the Feast of Pentecost last year. I set aside in advance a copy of the monthly magazine that featured our Church, and my husband and I left for the place where my parents were living, as soon as he went home after work. All the way to my parents’ home, there was only one thing on my mind: ‘How nice it would be if my parents were led into the arms of Elohim God in the World Mission Society Church of God!’

Before I got married, my parents found out that I had started to attend the Church of God, and they severely opposed my going to Church when they heard slanderous things against our Church from people around them. Since they blindly opposed me whatever I said, I felt so hurt.

Ten years passed by, and I made a home in the blessing of Elohim God. My parents were pleased to see my husband and I living in harmony, but they were still stubborn when it came to the words of the Bible. I did my best to be a good daughter to them, but I always felt heartbroken as I could hardly get a chance to tell them the good news of salvation.

When my husband and I visited my parents, I took up courage and started to talk about our Church after having a meal with them. At first, they were reluctant to listen, but as their daughter and her husband spoke to them seriously, they started to read the article about our Church carefully. After a little while, my father said in a quiet voice.

“I think you attend a really good church. I will show this magazine to people and boast about your church.”

I could not believe my ears, and my husband and I were just looking at each other. Giving thanks to God, we returned home. Throughout the Prayer week of the Feast of Tabernacles, I earnestly prayed that my parents would receive the true God without fail. On the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles, I received the abundant blessings of the Holy Spirit. And on the following Sabbath day, I brought my parents to Zion. After having lunch, I said carefully.

“Mom, I have a wish.”

“It’s your wish that we go to your Church, right?”

Then my mom looked at my father with a smile on her face.

“What should we do since our daughter says that it is her wish?”

“Since it is what our daughter wishes, we have to grant her wish.”

When I heard what my father said, I felt as if God had answered me. While going to Zion with my parents, I was so overwhelmed that I could hardly keep my tears back. That day, my parents received the truth, and I attended the Sabbath afternoon service together with them. It seemed like a dream. I truly give thanks to God for having opened the minds of my parents. I will always try my hardest to be a good daughter both physically and spiritually.

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