Our church believes in God the Father and God the Mother whom the Bible testifies about

Pictured by whoiswmscog, God the Mother in WMSCOGI have a 9-year-old daughter who goes to elementary school. Starting this year, my daughter’s school made students take a Catholic religion class mandatorily. I called her class teacher because my daughter told me that she did not want to take that class. Fortunately, the teacher said that my daughter did not need to take the class.

However, the teacher started to discriminate against my daughter afterwards. She must have been hurt in her mind since she was a child, but rather she preached the truth to the teacher.

“Teacher, our church believes in God the Father and God the Mother who are testified in the Bible.”

My daughter testified about Elohim God for ten minutes, mobilizing all the Biblical knowledge she had.

The next day, she presented the Elohist magazine to her teacher. Seeing and hearing the words of truth, the teacher was amazed and wanted to know more about it, and no longer discriminated against my daughter.

Since then, my daughter has become confident in preaching and began to preach the truth to her friends. I was told that one of her friends was amazed after hearing about God the Mother and said, “I want to go to your church.” The next day, my daughter and I visited her friend, and showed the words of God not only to the friend but also to her mother. The mother, too, was very amazed after hearing about God the Mother, and wanted to know more about it. As we invited them to Zion (WMSCOG), they said that they would come on the Sabbath day.

From that day on, my daughter prayed fervently. She even asked the Zion members to pray for her friend and her mother to come to Zion on the Sabbath day and become God’s children.

In the evening of the appointed Sabbath, we were anxious because the mother and daughter did not appear until the service started. But before one knew, they were there when we looked around after the service. After the service, they studied the Bible happily. The mother, who said that they had only 30 minutes to spare at first, studied two more hours, being thirsty for the words of God. Finally, the mother and the daughter received the blessing of a new life. Even on the next Sabbath day, they came to Zion to keep the service.

My daughter was overjoyed at the fact that her friend and her mother were saved, and always gave glory to God, saying, “It’s the grace of Father and Mother.”  It was certain that Heavenly Father and Mother led the two souls to the truth, seeing my daughter’s beautiful mind.

My daughter always wants to give joy to God. Giving sincere thanks to Father and Mother for allowing us to lead precious souls to the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG), I pray that everyone will grow in faith to be accepted into heaven’s barn.

Sybila from Peru

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