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Happy Switch

  There is a special switch in my mind The Happy switch that only i can turn on and off If i am not happy and delight and joyful, do...


“Here am I. Send me!”

Yesterday never returns, today is the same. Time waits for no man. So let us preach the gospel without any regrets until the day comes when we cannot preach any...


A light tower

A lone light tower is rising into the sky, full of yearning. As if waiting for his loved ones who went on a long journey, it stands tall, longing for...


Last Piece

My Father is still waiting for His time to put the last piece of prophecy in its place, and we will see the whole picture very soon.  1 Thessalonians(NIV) 4:16-17 [For...


Don’t be afraid

of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still.  – Chinese proverb.


Am I a part of Christ?

The most impressive thing to me in the WMSCOG is that brothers and sisters unite each other and love one another as God loves them. They truly regard their brothers...