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This is a beautiful testimony of the member of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Let me share it for you.

We work in a small clothing store together, and we also preach the Word to our customers together. One day, an elderly woman came into our store. While talking to her, we learned that she was attending church, and we asked her why she went to church.

“I am only a pilgrim on this earth. So I want to go to heaven, my spiritual home. That’s why I go to church.”

We taught her the truth of the Passover, saying we must keep it to enter the kingdom of heaven. After a few days, she visited our store again, and studied the Bible with her eyes twinkling enough to make us forget about her age. Then she asked us to write down the Bible verses which she studied that day, saying that she wanted to read them again at her home. She studied the Bible several more times like that, and a week before the Feast of Pentecost, she was reborn as a child of the true God, saying, “I have no doubt that this is absolutely the truth.”

When she first heard the truth, she felt confused because she had been very devout and active in a Protestant church; she had served as a Sunday school teacher and also as a mission leader for a long time. However, since she believed that nothing is more important than the word of God, she was finally able to discern the truth.

She said that she was persuaded to get a higher position in the Protestant church many times, but she refused the proposal every time. It was because she thought that the position had nothing to do with her salvation. On the other hand, she was so eager to learn the word of God that when she had a question about the Bible, she did not hesitate to ask the person with a higher position or the pastoral staff about it. Then they just said, “You just need to believe.” Their answer could never satisfy her. As she moved to another place a few months before, she started going to a new church. However, the church did not quench her spiritual thirst, either.

It was around that time that she met us. When she asked the pastor of that church about the Passover, he said things that were different from the Bible, so she did not ask him anymore. She said, “I only believe in God’s word”; she was truly a child of God.

While she was keeping the Prayer Week of the Pentecost with delight, she was faced with a difficult situation. Some people from the church, which she had attended for a long time before, visited her and troubled her heart with many words. It gave her a hard time, but she thought that she should fear God, not people, and she flat out said to them, “I’ve found the truth. So do not visit me again.”

She received the Holy Spirit of the latter rain in abundance through the Feast of Pentecost. Now she says, “Since I’ve received the true God, I have no regrets even if I die today.” Although there are still many things that trouble her, she is joyfully fostering the hope for heaven in Zion. It is very touching to see her doing so. She eagerly wants to preach the truth to her acquaintances. We believe that God, knowing her earnest heart, will surely allow her to bear fruit sooner or later.

Once again, we realize this: There are many souls who are longing for God’s word and looking for the truth so eagerly, and we, who have understood the truth earlier, must preach the gospel to them. So today, like every other day, we blow the trumpet of the gospel loud here at our workplace—the gospel field granted by God to us, in order to find our heavenly family members who will come back to Zion when they hear the voice of God saying,

“Come out of her, my people (Rev 18:4).”

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18 Responses

  1. EunA says:

    I will spread Heavenly Mother’s love to the world.

  2. Euna says:

    Thank you for calling us as God’s precious gospel tool.

  3. jane says:

    Do you know what is right and what is wrong? Do you think what you have already studied is right? Do you think what is in your mind right? Do you think normal common sense is right? You know that the truth is One.

  4. Casey says:

    God came down to the earth and has preached the gospel for us. We too preach the gospel to the world.

  5. margo says:

    We will be very shocked when we realized the fact that we thought truth was false. That time we have choice. To accept the fact as false or to pretend that the false as truth. It is our choice to go this way or that way. But the result will be different.

  6. Erica says:

    When I read this fragrance of Zion, I remember the word of God “My sheep listen to my voice”(John10:27). It is clear that God’s people must follow God’s word. Thanks to God allowing your voice and truth.

  7. Miriam says:

    Thus fragrance reminds me of myself.I served Babylon for 20yrs before cthe truth found me.I had different positions in Babylon a I had applied to go for training as a pastor that year when I received a new life.though my friends and church mates thought I was CD in a cult,it never made me waver,the truth was so amazing.
    Its only God who enables us to come to Zion,and nothing or nobody can stop the one called by God
    TTG for the WMSCOG

  8. Serena says:

    WMSCOG is the only place of salvation for our dying souls ^_^

  9. jessie says:

    WMSCOG has God’s truth, so there is eternal life~~

  10. lebekah says:

    The bread and wind of the Passover give life forever. It is absolute God’s word. But,the Passover is celebrated in only WMSCOG. WMSCOG is absolute

  11. passover says:

    When we keep Passover, we could have knowledge and wisdom to realize our Savior. Because God gave us the wisdom through his blood, Passover.

  12. nightflight says:

    Only God’s children listen God’s voice.

    Moreover, I can feel the love of Heavely Mother for this elder sister.

    It was very touching.

  13. Stacy says:

    Amen~ Thanks for sharing beautiful fragrance of Zion. Still now people are wandering in the dark world. To them, we have to preach the gospel and bring back them to the light of truth!

  14. Irenetheron says:

    Amen! we should fear God not people, bcuz only God can give us salvation not people,so we should believe the word of God in the Bible, even though it is hard to believe.

    Now only thing that we, who realize the truth of salvation earlier, should do is preaching to  7 billion people on this earth.

  15. alsk79 says:

    If you know the feasts of God in the Bible, you will get Zion easily. Only one church in the world. Just look around you , then you will see it ‘Church of God’

  16. Niclee says:

    Truth is in Zion, and true God is also in there. Those who wants to be saved must know where it is exactly. Zion has the feast of God in the bible. This is a key.

  17. Elohist says:

    Truly amazing! Truly Father and Mother are the one who opened her heart, giving her the heart that is determined to follow & fear God.

    How blessed she is, being able to receive this good news!

    I too want to preach to everyone regardless of their age! Saving 1 more soul following Father and Mother’s words!

    • Timothy says:

      God bless you Elohist. As you said, this is a same story like Lydia 2,000 years ago who received truth by Paul’s preaching. Thanks to Father and Mother for saving her soul.

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