The Church of God which gave consolation to me


The Church of God which gave consolation to me - whoiswmscog (Christ Ahnsahnghong)


Eternal thanks and glory to Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

I was raised under my parents; my father who was born in a Buddhist family and mother who was a Catholic. My father was not a devout Buddhist except for commemorative rites for his ancestors but my mother had been a devout Catholic since she was young.

When I was young, my family lived for 5 years in America, because of my dad’s work. While we were living in the state of Ohio, we were attending church every Saturday and Sunday, even though we spent one and a half hour by car to go to a Korean American Catholic church. I tried to follow God’s teachings so as not to cause harm to anybody, because I had learned that all I had to do, to live a good life, was not to cause harm to those around me. So at every mass, I would beat my chest and say, I am a sinner” That memory is still vivid in my mind, even though I was young and only in the third grade in elementary school. Even after I had become a young adult, I tried to live a good life but, I still had doubts about the existence of Heaven and the reason why I was a sinner.

When I became a university student, I didn’t really have a religious life, but spending time with my friends was very hard. I’d never felt that I was poor but, my friends would pay 3000 dollars for a designer bad in a department store and regarded it as a bargain or they would talk about which celebrities attended services after they went to the church on Sunday. Also they said there were many handsome men there and could meet good people if we went to church on Sunday.

At first, I tried to keep in touch with them; however, it became hard to hang out together, so I started to wander around. At that time, my high school friend recommended me to attend the World Mission Society Church of God and consoled me. In fact, she was my best friend in high school. She always did well at school and had many friends and was a person who directed me on the right path when I was going down the wrong path in university. With her help I started to attend the Church of God nearby my university.

The youth who attended the WMSCOG were very different compared with my friends. Everyone was nice and pure at heart, and thought of others before themselves, even though they were lacking in many ways. At first, I attended the Church of God, because I had a preference for being with them over God’s word. However, as I studied more and more I came to know why the youth who attended the Church of God were so well behaved and nice. It all came from the teachings of Mother which they had learned.

The more I studied, the more amazing things I learned like why we suffer on the Earth, but more than anything else I was moved by the existence of God the Father and also God the Mother. When I started to attend the WMS Church of God, my friends criticized and condemned the World Mission Society Church of God that I attended on the grounds that the Church of God was a cult and believed in a man, however, their behavior was not befitting people who go to church.

I learned how I should live my life by attending Zion. In this way, I performed better at work and was praised that I was nice and thoughtful. The result of following Mother’s Teachings to be considerate of others, allowed me to shine God’s glory, many times. Ever since I attended the World Mission Society Church of God, there were many changes in my life.

I did not go over the top and buy myself a luxury handbag and I also made efforts to be a good daughter, and I tried to preach God the Mother to those around me. Also, last year I met my husband on a blind date which was set up by my parents.

My husband was impressed with my good behavior and also the members who attended my church, the World Mission Society Church of God because they were good, nice and cheerful all the time. Even though he is a beginner in church he is enthusiastic about God’s word because he thinks that the churches of this world have to be like the Church of God. The more he learned about God’s word, the more amazed he was and changed his life in many ways too. I will talk more about change in my husband, a brother in the WMSCOG, next time. All thanks, praise, glory and honor be to our King of kings and Lord of lords Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for Their unceasing love and sacrifice.