Turning point of my life, the Church of God (WMSCOG)


This time, I want to tell you about my story how I received the truth in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). I was raised by my parents who went to a Presbyterian church. However after entering high school, because of my studies, I strayed away from church. However, when Christmas came, I spent the whole night at the church together with my friends and at day break, I sang songs to celebrate Christ’s birth by visiting the houses in the village. Looking back on it now, I never knew that the Christmas is the birthday of the Sun god. After graduating from high school, I entered university and enjoyed the freedom I had in my life.

One day, on my way back home, I met a brother and a sister who were asking people to fill out a questionnaire on the street. I remember their bright smiles on their faces and how kind they were at that time. I had attended church during my childhood, so I had no hostility toward religion and I was able to help them fill out their questionnaire. The contents of the questionnaire were a couple of simple questions, but the question that piqued my curiosity was the way to be protected from disasters. After filling out questionnaire, the brother and sister asked me,

‘Do you have any question about the questionnaire?’

I said, ‘I wanted to know about the Passover.’

It was because I had never heard about the Passover though I had attended another church, and I was interested about how we can be protected from disasters. Luckily, the church was 2-3 minutes away by walk so I decided to visit there. At that time, the church was small and the people there were warmhearted. When I entered the Church, people inside kindly welcomed me, and served me with a cup of tea. My fear of strange places went away because of the warm and loving atmosphere, and I could focus on studying the word of God.

I was taught by an elderly man and he showed me the scripture one by one and sometimes he kindly answered my questions. It was my first moment to realize that studying the Bible was not a boring thing but something joyful. Not much time had passed, but I couldn’t help be amazed. Though I had read the Bible, I didn’t know that World War II, which was a recent historical event had already been prophesied in the Bible. That shocked me a lot. Moreover, I was thankful to God who gives me the message of salvation. The more I studied the Bible, I was convinced of the fact that the Bible and the existence of God is true. Up until this time, I thought I had believed in God, however I repented of my faith because I didn’t fully believe in the existence of God. That day became the turning point in my life.

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8 Responses

  1. BLACKROSE says:

    There is definitely a difference between before and after meeting God Elohim. Because it is a matter of whether my soul is saved or not. My life, like a spiritual orphan who didn’t know where to go, is so happy and grateful that there is a heaven to meet his father and mother and to return to.

  2. Joice says:

    God led me to the way of salvation from the way of destruction.
    There is no greater blessing than meeting God in life.

  3. grace lee says:

    Thanks to Elohim God who changed my destiny to life from death.

    Turning point of my life is when I met Heavenly Parent.

    I’ll follow God’s footstep till go to Heavenly Home. 🙂

  4. JAM says:

    When I came to World Mission Society Church of God, I felt this church was full of joyful things and love. It was my soul to feel this emotion. And for my job problem, I can’t but help to move to another region. At that time I somewhat worried that I should go to the Church of God in another place, even though it was same WMSCOG. However, it was my misunderstanding. Churches located in everywhere were the same. The church I’m attending now, is also full of joy, happiness and consideration. It’s all for the grace of God the Mother. I want people to know WMSCOG precisely.

  5. Timothy says:

    When we come to Zion and study the Bible, it becomes the turning point of our life. The Church of God make us to realize the meaning of our life and has taught us the way of salvation. It’s a real turning point~!

  6. irenetheron says:

    When I first heard about prophecy of king David fulfilled by Christ Ahnsahnghong, one thing came to my mind “I want to know more ” that’s the beginning !

    • whoiswmscog says:

      Hi, irenetheron. It’s true. All the Bible study in the WMSCOG was amazing. I always was expecting more after studying with the member of WMSCOG.

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