Until I realized the love of Mother

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I am a member who attends the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). I want to share my story about realizing the love of God the Mother. Before I met God the Mother, the word ‘mother’ was the most difficult word for me to say. When I was 8 years old, my parents got divorced, so I perceived that as my mother abandoning me. That’s why the word ‘mother’ was so negative to me.

When I heard the teaching about God the Mother in the Bible for the first time, I thought that it would be hard to believe even though it was in the Bible. That’s because, they told me, it’s through the physical that I could realize the spiritual but to me I never had a mother. I continuously studied and went to Zion, but I still had a jaundiced eye and negative mind towards God the Mother.

However, my negative mind started to change after meeting God the Mother directly. Once God the Mother came to the church I attended and held the members’ hands one by one. But I could not go into God the Mother’s presence, so I went up on the roof. However, God the Mother waited for me and held my hand. I puerilely thought She would just pass on me. Because I could not imagine that She was willing to wait for just one person, even though there were many members in the church. I thought “I am insignificant to God the Mother”, but I realized that “God the Mother cherished even one person” as time went by.

Once, when I went to the hospital to visit a sick member urgently, God the Mother personally called the sick member after midnight. The voice of God the Mother was so clear even though it was so late, the love of God the Mother who worried about Her sick children in the middle of Her heavy schedule was delivered to all the members in the hospital. I knew that midnight was not late to God the Mother and there were not enough hours in a day to care for so many children.

God the Mother always tried to give a little more all the time, even though I could not realize it for a long time because of my negative mindset. Once I visited Jerusalem temple without without telling anybody beforehand and felt the love of God the Mother, even though She wasn’t there. I received snacks and fruit and was so surprised when I heard about the snacks and fruits which  were prepared by God the Mother for the children who was came from a long ways away, would not return empty handed. I think that I did not know the love of the God the Mother.

The more I met God the Mother, the more the doubts that I had in my mind for a long time disappeared. I doubted that God the Mother would know who I was among the many members, however, God the Mother listened to my minor worries attentively and cared for me with the greatest care of all. And I could understand the reason God the Mother came to the Earth from  heaven was because She loved us so much.

From the beginning, God the Mother stayed with me all the time and She was right beside me when I was exhausted and tired. However, I found God the Mother too late, even though She just wanted me to repent on the Earth.

Before I received the truth, when I attended my previous church and prayed, I was not convinced about whether God heard my prayers or not. However, I have confidence that Heavenly Father, Ahnsahnghong (Ahn Sahng Hong) and God the Mother listen to my prayers all the time! I know how difficult it is to live without a mother. So I am so sure I know the reason why God the Mother must stay with us on the Earth. Because of the presence of God the Mother, I can smile now and realize what unfailing love and happiness is. I love God the Mother forever.

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