What my daughter says brings me smile and cheers me up


This is a fragrance of Zion from a member of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Let me share it for you.

My 12 years old daughter has Noonan syndrome. Unlike ordinary children, she does not grow well because of the intractable disease, so I still take her in a stroller or carry her on my back when we go somewhere. Since I am always with her, she probably thinks I’m tired and consoles me and even appreciates the small things I do for her.

When I am preparing a meal in the kitchen, she keeps talking to me, “Mom, your arms must be tired from cooking. Your legs are probably sore. I’m sorry that I am sitting on the chair while you are working,” “Mom, come eat with me,” and, “Did you have coffee, mom?” Sometimes she bursts out crying when she eats alone while I am working in the kitchen, probably because she feels sorry for me.

“Mom, your back must be hurting from carrying me. Aren’t you tired?”

Sometimes I lose my breath while climbing up stairs with her on my back, but what my daughter says brings me smile and cheers me up. I think I feel that way because I know my daughter’s beautiful heart; she wants to be even a little bit of help to me, her mom. I think of my Heavenly Mother who sacrifices Herself for this weak child. There are so many things to thank God the Mother for, but I’ve never fully expressed how I feel toward Her. For this I am very sorry to Mother.

Just as my daughter makes me smile, I will bring a smile to God the Mother’s face as Her good daughter, never forgetting to thank Mother even for the smallest things.

“Mother, how much pain and suffering are You enduring to save this weak child? Thank You, Mother!”

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22 Responses

  1. Pp says:

    It takes a long time for children to realize a mother’s love. Still, Heavenly Mother does not give up and sacrifices for her children until the end. Thank you to Heavenly Jerusalem Mother.

  2. margo says:

    Who is a good daughter? not forger her mother’s sacrifice.

  3. Sujan says:

    Thank you for calling us as God’s precious gospel tool.

  4. Eun a says:

    We thank God Elohim for waiting for our immature children.

  5. July says:

    The heart of a mother looking at her sick child is so sad. Thank you to Heavenly Mother who always sacrifices for us.

  6. Ashley says:

    God the Mother has come to the earth and sacrificed Herself for us, sinner.

    I will also make every efforts to be a good daughter.

    so that I want to makes Her smile 🙂

  7. Mia says:

    There’s nothing that I can do for God the Mother actually. I’m mere a sinner who can not be freed from the death. Fot this reason, I looked back myself and thought how many times I thought her pains for me relying on her protection all the times.
    after reading this article, I could feel the mind of God the Mother…

  8. vicky says:

    In earthly family, mother’s love has no limit. Even more when woman become a mother, the body is changed into the body fit to a child naturally. Mother started to think a child as the part of her. Likewise as the reality of all the mothers, God the Mother who deserves of receiving only praises has already come to this earth to bring us to the kingdom. Cuz we didn’t recognize where we were going although we said we believe in God. Thanks to God the Mother forevermore ♥

  9. susan says:

    Thanks to God the Mother!! I can breathe for the grace of God he Mother. Without Mother I can’t dream of the kingdom of heaven vividly. I hope to go there where there will be no more death!!

  10. kaylee says:

    whenever God come to the Earth, the people who live in that age must grab the blessings given after receiving God in the flesh. it’s much more certain to receive it from God in the flesh than invisible God. Cuz God in our likeness is closer to us. Nevertheless Jews at the age of the son rejected Jesus who is God in nature. However we living in the age of the Holy Spirit must grab this chance to receive God in the flesh as apostles, Abraham did.(Gen 18:1~3)

    The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

  11. h.jecica says:

    All the living being can be given life through MOTHER:) Mother is the source of life. Scientist also said that the DNA called “mitochondria” can be inherited only from mother, although father has too. The role of it is to make the foundation of the body. Especially it exists a lot in heart, brain, liver.. So brain can be stopped without Mitochondria. The reason why God created all living being can be given a birth through mother is that there also exists God the Mother who will give us eternal life..

  12. Clara says:

    This is so touching. While reading this I almost cry. If I have a daughter like hers, I would be very glad… I also want to be a good girl who can understand Mother’s feeling.
    Heavenly Mother, thx for allowing me to read this article. I won’t never leave you ever again.

    • h.jecica says:

      Amen I also felt like you. I hold back my tears.. God the Mother in the flesh is under going inexpressible sufferings. However she always says she is fine..

  13. lebekah says:

    Heavenly Mother is always with me n gives me happy and smile by walking 2gether for heaven~
    Thanks to Mother !!
    I’ll follow n giving smile back !!

  14. irenetheron says:

    Beautiful post! I have no doubt that Heavenly Mother always leads me to the best way to receive the great blessing entering heavenly kingdom, although i sometimes encounter sufferings and pains. I could overcome all the hardship by help from Heavenly Mother and i felt that i became a stronger person each time .
    All thanks, praise and glory be to Heavenly Mother, the New Jerusalem!

  15. angelina says:

    I give thanks to Heavenly Mother who sacrifices herself for this week child. I’ll be a daughter who makes our God the Mother smile.

    • h.jecica says:

      Amen! I also hope that I’ll be a good daughter: ) Let’s make God the Mother smile together although we always receive the love of Mother..

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