With a repenting heart for the rest of my life

With a repenting heart for the rest of my life - whoiswmscog

I first came to know about God in China, and lived on only faith for about 20 years. Even though I had to eke out a living, I always took part in God’s work with pleasure anytime, anywhere. Then, one day, a question crossed my mind all of a sudden. “There is God the Father in the Bible, then why isn’t there God the Mother? If there is Father, then there should be, without a doubt, Mother.’ I asked the pastor, but what returned was a cold reply, “Don’t have your head in the clouds, but just believe in only the Father,” with a strange look. I couldn’t even conceive of asking a question anymore.

When we came to Korea to work, my husband and I tried to go to church whenever we found time. Living away from our home country with lots of sorrow, when it was not easy to participate in a worship service, we tried to keep faith by reading the Bible at home. My husband and I comforted each other and pacified our minds, saying, “Let’s not grumble against God however hard our life may be.” After we moved to Busan, my brother-in-law in Seoul called us. He said, “Since you believe in God faithfully, please go to the Church of God nearby and listen to the Word.” Because we had been going to another church and we had heard a lot of slanders about the Church of God, my husband and I refused at once. However my brother-in-law insisted that he would visit us even in Busan, so I thought I should not let him waste money which he had earned from working hard on the road.
“Since your brother is asking so much, why don’t you just go once?” After my husband had been to the Church of God, he turned about face. He said that he had found the true church, and tried to deliver the word of the Bible to me. This new attitude of my husband felt strange. I thought it would affect my religious life, so I tried to turn the deaf ear to him and even lost my temper at him. Despite the signs of displeasure from me, my husband’s face became brighter day by day. He was wearing a big smile every day as if there was something amusing even on top of his daily hard labor. Whenever I saw him, I began to think maybe I was wrong. At any rate, I thought I needed to visit the Church of God, so I followed my husband, pretending I was giving in. I was firmly determined that I would come back home without hesitation if there was something that I couldn’t accept. Thinking about it again, this step was not my plan. That day, God granted me a new life.
All the while I was studying the Word, I felt an inexpressible warmth in my heart. It recalled me to a time, twenty years ago when I was curious about God the Mother. When I came to think that my hard life in the past was a process that God had prepared for my salvation, teardrops rolled down my cheeks. The way to God the Mother had been predestined long ago.
Now I study the Bible in Zion every day, and review the truth which I learned that day with my husband when I get home. I have to learn the Word diligently because I must lead all my family members around me, whom I have led to falsehood. In fact, my husband has been delivering the word to his relatives and acquaintances as well as to me since he first received the truth. I’d like to perform my duty as a heavenly child next to my husband, too. As the Korean proverb goes, “When a husband begins to sing, his wife joins in singing together,” now I will be a good wife in the truth of God and do my best in the gospel work with all my heart and strength along with my husband.
Looking back upon my previous days when I ignored the truth, I feel really sorry to Mother. Just as I had done in heaven, on this earth too, I caused great pain to Mother, being slow in recognizing Her with my blind eyes due to my sin. From now on, I will follow Mother to the end like Peter, with a repenting heart for the rest of my life.

G-H Gwon from Busan, Korea

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  1. margo says:

    God is always with us and guide us to go heaven even we go to the wrong path.

  2. margo says:

    I never go wrong way. But it is not my will, it’s God’s will^^. God never me go wrong way. Why? Cause they are my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

  3. Casey says:

    I want to give all glory and thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for letting us know the spiritual world and giving us the way to the forgiveness of sins.

  4. lebekah says:

    I could know the wage of my sins in heaven. Therefore,i repent my sins to be taken to heaven. I do my best work for Christ Ahnsahnghong n God the Mother

  5. Jeason says:

    The Bible is the only book we rely on for our salvation. Absolutely the Bible testifies that there are Gos the Father and God the Mother. Only they can give us the water of life, the passover of the new covenant to take us to the kingdom heaven. Please come to WMSCOG and let us realize the Bible correctly.

    I give thanks and glory to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother.

  6. Emily says:

    Before receive the truth, I was wandering in the dark world with unhappy life.  But because Our Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother lead me to the turth, so nowadays I am living in joy. Thanks to Father and Mother allowing me to find the turth.

  7. Abigail says:

    I’m happy to know the Elohim God! God the Father and God the Mother(My Heavenly Mother) gave me eternal life and eternal happiness.

  8. Sarah says:

    I did not any effort for seeking my spiritual parants. However, they came to the earth in flesh and found me. Even though I didn’t know them, they called me as their loving child and gave love to me. Now, I know them and also know they are sacrificing for me. So I want to make them happy through following their voice and change my sinful mind.

  9. jessie says:

    If I don’t know God, I was in a society like a dessert. But under God’s grace, I am always happy.

  10. richmond says:

    reflecting onselfe is not easy but we should.

    i wanna be a smlie on Mother’s lips as writer did

  11. nightflight says:

    To meet true God in WMSCOG is most delightful thing in my life.  Only those who experienced this can know it.

  12. Ariel says:

    I too need the repend everyday. Mother’s love is great. How about Heavenly Mother. Thanks to our Heavenly Mother is better then deny Heavenly Mother.

  13. musco says:

    What different between this world and heaven? There are father, mother and children in the earthly family. It makes sense. How about heaven? There are father and children in heavenly family. How could christians think it makes sense?
    I can not understand how they deny heavenly mother.

  14. angelina says:

    I also caused great pain to Mother, being slow in recognizing Her with my blind eyes due to my grievous sins. I’ll repent by obeying the words of God the Mother.

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