A Beautiful Mind in WMSCOG


Somebody gave me a small fish tank as she moved to a new place. Among the tropical fish she gave me along with the fish tank, there is one whose nickname is “Dirty Rag.” He is a dark colored fish. His tail and fins are longer than his body. So, when he swims, he really looks like a dirty rag. I know it is not a nice nick name.

One day, I saw a beautiful light from the fish tank as the sunlight passed through the window. The light was coming from the body of Dirty Rag. The fish was moving his tail and fins, emitting an amazing purple light; he looked like a scarf, a very luxurious scarf. I changed his nickname from Dirty Rag to “Scarf” right away.

The same fish looked totally differently; he looked like a dirty rag when it was dark, and when there was light he looked like a beautiful scarf. It is the same when we look at people; if we look at them with light in our eyes, they will look different.

 “A beautiful mind has no hate, and brings forth a perfect love.”

 I pray that my eyes will be filled with the light of love from Heavenly Mother. Heavenly Mother, please close my eyes to hatred which causes me to sin, and open my eyes to the light that brings forth a perfect love!

SJ-Lee From Korea

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