Everything seemed like a process for me to meet the true God.

Process of God, WMSCOG

Here is a beautiful experience in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Let me share it for you.

A year passed since I gave up my career as a professional athlete and started to work as an instructor due to the dislocation of my shoulder and a back injury. I felt that bad things continuously happened to me, and finally I was involved in a lawsuit on a false charge. I clung to God earnestly, but my situation did not get better; then I started to grumble against God. Around that time, I met some people from the Church of God and heard the amazing words of the Bible from them, and I received the promise of a new life. However, as my case was on trial and it went unfavorable for me, I couldn’t care about anything else. The Church of God naturally slipped away from my mind.

The case remained open with no ruling even after a few months, so I consulted a public defender and I came to know that he attended the Church of God. To my surprise, the representative of my company also attended the Church of God. I remembered the Church of God which I had forgotten, and the thing that had happened to me until that time came to my mind one by one; entering a company while having a hard time after quitting sports, being falsely accused and blaming God, learning the mysteries of the Bible and receiving the truth, meeting my heavenly family members in unexpected places… Everything seemed like a process for me to meet the true God.

“I had gone astray like a lost sheep; I’d wandered in this disastrous, dark world… Now I do not worry about getting lost…” The is the New Song that I heard when I came to Zion again. It seemed like my story, and tears streamed down my cheeks. Although a few months had passed until I met the Church of God members again, they did not forget and welcomed me with wholeheartedly. Amidst their love and care, I steadily studied the words of the Bible. Every word was surprising to me, and I was greatly amazed by the truth about God the┬áMother. She even came down to this earth to find me!

It was a miracle that the Red Sea was divided, but my everyday life with Mother is also a series of miracle. I pray to God the Mother when I get up in the morning, when I walk on the street, when I work, and when I look up at the sky. As I pray to Mother whenever I do something, I naturally give thanks even for the little things. As I am grateful, I experience more things to be thankful for.

Since long ago, I have defined love as follows: Enduring pain for someone though I suffer, and giving in for others though I am hungry. It it easy to say, but there are few people who put it into practice. However, everyone in Zion puts it into action. I believe it is because they have received Mother’s love. I hope that I, too, will change into a love-filled person as soon as possible, so that I can deliver Mother’s love to my family, relatives and friends.

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