Happy Switch


switch1There is a special switch in my mind
The Happy switch that only i can turn on and off
If i am not happy and delight and joyful, do i turn off the switch in spite of myself ?
Please, Turn on the happy switch !!
The brightness and the splender would be turn on in your heart

4 Responses

  1. AfricanViolet says:

    Happiness and Glory in God is forever..I believe lt.

  2. Eden says:

    Heavenly Father and Mother call us  the children like Isaac and as we know, Isaac means ‘laughter’. We can fathom the will why They call us like that, it’s because we need to be joyful always with the hope for Heaven and the mind full of gratitude for salvation They have granted to us. Thanks to Father and Mother.

  3. alsk79 says:

    Joy and happy in the truth are God’s will. Are you ready to be happy ,turning on the switch now? 🙂

  4. lebekah says:

    Today, living a day, i turned off happy switch
    I’ll turn on the my own happy switch for my physical and spiritual health

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