Until I realized God the Mother with my heart


I was blessed with a new life through the grace of God the Father, Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, studied the words of God and attended services at the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG). Many years have passed since I came into Zion. One day, by chance, I saw a picture on the wall in the Church of God.

At that time, I managed the Sunday School at the church I was attending. Although I had seen the picture of God the Mother with the teachers of the Children’s Mission School, I didn’t think much of it because I had not studied about God the Mother. But after studying God the Mother through the Bible, I realized God the Mother in the picture, whom I had not given much thought about.

After that day, when I saw God the Mother wearing a hanbok (Korean traditional women’s clothes) with a big smile in the picture, I don’t know why but it made me feel so warm inside and I also came to think that God the Mother most definitely has to be with us.

 From then on, it seemed that my heart, which felt like something was missing before, was being filled with the love of God the Mother little by little. However, strangely enough, I understood God the Mother in my head but always had some questions about God the Mother in my mind: ‘Does The Bible testify about God the Mother?’ ‘Would God the Mother also come from the east like Christ Ahnsahnghong?’ etc, though I believed in God the Mother.

I did not ask questions about God the Mother, who I had doubts about, to anyone, but curiously enough, whenever I attended the service on the Sabbath day, the sermon was about God the Mother whom I was curious about for such a long time. My questions, all the doubts about God the Mother I had in my mind, were answered clearly through the sermon. And then I was filled with God the Mother. God the Mother knows everything, the questions in my heart and in my thoughts, and lead me to the answer. From that day on, I thoroughly understood and believed in God the Mother with my heart and not just with my knowledge.

And after a year or two passed by, what allowed me to have a strong faith was after I found out the identity of the slanderers, who slander God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother while holding a one-man picket demonstration in the front of the Church of God. Through all of these things, I realized the love of God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother, who hold onto my heart.

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18 Responses

  1. bluenight says:

    It is a place where no one can come to without the guidance of Elohim God. Thank you so much for making my father and mother aware and for guiding me to Zion.

  2. margo says:

    With my head, I know the sacrifice of God the Mother. What she have done and doing now. But with my heart, I just a little bit understand her sacrifice. I hope someday I also realize her sacrifice with my heart.

  3. Eun a says:

    I am forever happy to be with Heavenly Mother.

  4. Casey says:

    We are sinners. However, Heavenly Mother gives Her boundless love to us. Thanks to Heavenly Mother!

  5. noeleden says:

    If I didn’t realize God the mother, I couldn’t wish the kingdom of heaven.

    God the mother gave me a big present. 🙂

  6. szaz says:

    No matter how hard slanderers disturb love between Heavenly Parents and us, we will never ever leave Heavenly Mother and Christ Ahnsahnghong since we realized that They are our spiritual Parents.

  7. Dennis says:

    Thanks to Father and Mother. God knows everything so he makes all circumstances for us:)

  8. Nicky says:

    Heavenly mother’s love is so great, beautiful and touches my heart.

  9. Jane says:

    Maternal love on the earth is a copy and shadow of God the Mother’s love. Though She is tired, She smiles for us. Though She is hard, She comforts us. How grateful and great! Thanks to God the Mother.

  10. liz says:

    before I become a member of Church of God, I didn’t go to the church except when I was little, My best friend’s dad was the priest, so that I just follow my friend. now I look back to at that time, I had faith to God, Jesus. since then, I had fixed idea about God because I was taught that Only God the Father exists so that we believed on only Jesus, but now I studied God the Mother testified by the Bible. I was surprised about her, God the Mother. the reason is that the Bible says that Only the children of God the Mother can be saved and have eternal life through God the Mother. first of all, God the Father testified her, God the Mother and let us know who God the Mother is. all thanks to God the Father and God the Mother!!

  11. jessie says:

    I love God the Mother with all my heart!!

  12. nightflight says:

    God the Mother is waiting for her children to return to her arms still now.

    Who can endure such a long time except our God the Mother.

  13. roy says:

    Rom 10:17 so then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


  14. richmond says:

    Mother’s love never fails to impress me. Lets continue to Shine the light and glory of Heavenly Mother all over the world!

  15. anny says:

    God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother were sacrificed for our salvation. We can be born again by the great love and sacrifices of God. I give thanks and glory to our Elohim God who allows us everlasting blessings of Kingdom of Heaven.

  16. Ritha says:

    Before realizing the love of God the Mother, I didn’t know the love of my mother. I was selfish and used to think mother should sacrifice herself for me always. However, I got changed in WMSCOG. I came to know that mother is also one of woman like me.
    Now I can understand my mother more deeply. Thanks to Elohim God for making me positive.

  17. lebekah says:

    all of Mother on this earth, never forget their children. I suppose that they gave birth them with pain and sacrifice by shedding blood. The love of Mother could not explain with anything. A Children could not pay back the grace for their own Mother. It’s to Our Heavenly Mother !!

  1. November 30, 2015

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