We Have God the Mother!

whoiswmscog - We have Heavenly Mother, Christ Ahnsahnghong

“How come there is no God the Mother?”

When I was young, I sometimes followed my friends to their churches and always asked this question. Every time I asked them this question, they replied, “One God is enough.” But I couldn’t help but keep thinking that there might be God the Mother, too, because it was natural that every living creature has a mother.
While living a busy life and working, I forgot about God. After I got married and had a child, I lived even more diligently just for my family. However, my family faced an unexpected trial. We noticed that our child was growing up a little slower than others, but we thought that everything would be okay. However, when he was about two years old, it seemed pretty serious, so we went to see a doctor. The doctor said that he was disabled. That day, my wife and I cried a lot.

We sought God with a desperate heart. An acquaintance of ours introduced a church to us, but we weren’t comforted at all there. Rather, we were hurt. They scolded my child because he didn’t keep quiet during services. It felt as if my family’s hearts were stabbed with a dagger. My wife and I decided never to go to any church, and we stopped going there. Going through many hardships, we lost the smiles on our faces. We became very sensitive and argued with each other even over trivial matters.

Around that time, I noticed that my wife was keeping a good relationship with some members from the Church of God, who had preached to her at her store. Not long after that, she said that she wanted to go to their Church.

My wife had told me that she would never go to any church. However, after meeting the Church of God members, she began to go to services and study the Bible. But when I saw her doing that, I was sacred because I remembered what had happened in the previous church. I told her not to go and even got mad at her, but she didn’t give up her faith. Later I began to think that here must be some reason why her mind had changed like that. So whenever my wife came back home from the Church, I asked her what she had studied. She told me why the Biblical Sabbath day is Saturday and the cross is an idol and so on. All the teachings she delivered to me were amazing. I was extremely shocked especially when she told me that we have God the Mother – my question that not a single person was able to answer.

After a few days, I visited her Church. All the Church members welcomed me with big smiles on their faces. That day, I studied the Bible very seriously. Learning where we are from, why we are on this earth and where we are going, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. The moment I was reborn as a heavenly child, I felt the greatest peace which I’d never felt before in my life.

Firstly, I preached to my family and relatives. I thought that everybody would receive the truth only if I preached to them, but their response was cold. However, I am not going to give up on them. I strong believe that my family will receive the truth some day, and I am praying to God for them.

I am diligently preaching the Word to people I meet at work, but many of them do not want to listen. However, whenever I am faced with this situation, I feel even more grateful to God for having led me to the truth even though I was just like them before.

Now, my family is not sad anymore. We are full of laughter and happiness every day because we have been given the hope for heaven. Thanks be to Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for leading us to the everlasting kingdom of heaven where nobody is sad or sick.

K, Y-S from Busan, Korea

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