Cultivate unplowed ground in my mind to become a child of God Elohim

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Ring, ring!

“Can you go to Kamakgol field with me?”

My older sister called me early in the morning. Kamakgol is the name of a valley in my hometown. There is a small field that my father, who passed away, left us. My uncle used to take care of it, but it was left untended since a few years ago. My sister said we should plant something instead of our brothers who lived far away. She said she had already planted some bellflower seeds and several ailanthus trees. So I freed up a day and followed her.

“From the persimmon tree here to over there in front of the pine tree, is our field.”

The place where my sister pointed to was filled with dry weeds. It was opposite to other neat fields where green barley was growing.

“Sister, there are so many weeds here! Where did you plant the trees?”

She took me to the inner part of the field. I could see a neatly arranged furrow, along which trees were planted side by side.

“Do we have to root out all those weeds to make the other spots like this?”

“Of course! What’s the matter, are you worried? Don’t worry! We can do it little by little. You rake the weeds. I’ll dig the ground.”

Though it seemed to be a lot of work, I grabbed a rake, thinking, ‘Okay, let’s give it a try.’ Whenever I raked the bushes, a bunch of weeds, which had dried out over winter, were gathered together. I pulled out the deep-rooted weeds with my hands one by one. When I tried to take off the plastic sheets which covered the earth when the field was cultivated, it broke in the middle because it was too old. Squatting on the ground to pull up the plastic sheets piece by piece, my legs started to hurt.

“Stop what you’re doing and come over here.”

“Why? I’ve got a lot to do before I can finish.”

“Are you planning to finish it today?”

“Once you begin something, you should finish it.”

“If you work too hard, you can’t finish it because you become tired. Stop pulling the weeds. Come here please and break the ground with a rake.”

When I broke the ground which my sister dug with a rake, there were pieces of plastic and dried branches as well. To sort them out, I had to sit down and stand up repeatedly, which hurt my back. Finally, I asked her to switch places and I dug the ground with a shovel. But the ground was so hard; I couldn’t push the shovel in well. I did it only a few times but my body―my arms, legs, back and so on―ached all over. When I stretched out my back, the field filled with weeds was seen. I let out a deep sigh.

“It’s hard, huh?”


“It’s because this field was left without being cultivated. Let’s do it little by little. Don’t force yourself to do too much.”

“When will we be able to finish it with our hands? How about asking someone in the village and finishing it by machine?”

“By machine is good. But then it could hurt the roots of the persimmon trees. And this land is too small to use a machine.”

As she had said, there were many persimmon trees here and there. And the field was terraced; it could only be cultivated by hands. Just then I could understand why my sister said that we should not go overboard and try to do it all at once. Even if we forced ourselves, the work could not be done in a day or two. When I stopped pushing myself, I felt much better.

On that day, we scattered some bellflower seeds and planted three walnuts on the 10m² [105ft²] field. It should take a long time to take all the weeds out and break the whole field, but I felt good with the fact that we just started. I never knew that cultivating an unplowed ground could be this hard. It would have been better if we had taken care of it in advance before the field was filled with weeds. If we put in our effort little by little from now on, the barren land will be changed to a rich land someday.

I will take a look at the field in my heart, too. I should closely examine it to see whether there are weeds in my heart like hatred, jealousy and envy which have grown before I notice them, and I need to pull them out before they grow even more. I will take care of the field in my heart to become the good field for the seeds of Elohim God ’s words to grow.

I won’t give up even if it is hard. I can pull one out today, and another out tomorrow. Then it will be done. Thanks to Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for giving me this enlightenment.

IS Kim from  Korea

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