Invisible Safety Device (WMSCOG)

Pictured by whoiswmscog, Saftey rope

I work at a youth training center. On the first day when I began to work there, I looked around my working place and was given time to experience all the amusement facilities and training facilities.

One of the most impressive sections was the Challenge Course. This section includes six physical training courses which were set up nine meters [30ft] away from the ground. From the beginning to the end, all the participants should go through the courses by themselves without any help from others. Since this is a program to boost their challenging spirit and self-confidence, there is no safety net below. Instead, a safety rope protects them. The safety rope that was connected to the rail above tied the back of the participants in case of an accident.

Although I had the safety device, I felt dizzy when I looked down under my feet. Except those who had acrophobia or whose conditions were not good, the rest of all participated in the Challenge Course. Finally, we stood before the first hurdle; we had to cross a wooden bridge, holding a thin rope. It was easier than I thought, and so I gained confidence. Since I was not slow in my movements, I was proud that I would do better than the others.

However, my confidence did not last long. At the second hurdle, I had to cross shaking wooden swings one by one. I was frightened to take a step. As the swings were shaken even by a gentle wind, I couldn’t even stand in balance. Holding the swing rope that was moving all by itself, I stretched my one leg toward the next swing. But my foot did not reach there. I felt like I was going to fall. My palms soaked in sweat. I was eager to return to the starting point. I stood still for a while and thought whether I would give up or not. Suddenly, I was reminded of the safety rope, tying my waist.

‘Why do I feel afraid despite the safety rope? Even if I fall off here, the rope is holding me!’

Though the rope was holding me since the beginning, I completely forgot the fact because it was behind my back and was not seen. As I remembered that I was hung to the safety rope that is more reliable than my both trembling hands, I no longer felt scared. Though it was still difficult to go forward because the swings were shaken by the wind, I took steps one by one, relying on the safety rope. Since then, I was able to pass even the hurdles of high level of difficulty, without stopping halfway. When I arrived at the finish point, the participants who arrived earlier than me gave me a big hand. Though I flopped down on the ground with my trembling legs, I was satisfied and felt a great sense of accomplishment.

I think this is how I should walk in the path of faith. I don’t think that only easy courses will be set before me. I might feel like giving up halfway. I might feel so scared that I cannot take even a step forward. But I have a security device that is more reliable and safer than any other things in the world: That is God the Heavenly Father and God the Mother. While I’m walking the path of faith, Heavenly Father and Mother will be always with me and will hold me fast though I may encounter a dangerous course.

Just as I could overcome fear and pass all the courses with trust in the safety rope, so I will run toward the kingdom of heaven safely with the perfect faith in God Elohim who always protects my soul. I will always remember that Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother hold me safely, worrying about the safety of my soul more than I do when my soul is in danger. I give thanks to Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem Mother who help me at my side at this moment, too.

SH Baek from Korea

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