All problems can be solved with God the Mother’s warm love (WMSCOG)


All problems can be solved with God the Mother's warm love (WMSCOG) - Christ Ahnsahnghong


First, I want to praise and give glory to my Heavenly Father Christ Ahnsahnghong and my beautiful God the Mother for giving me such precious realizations through Their infinite love and grace.

A new student came to the language institute I work at. On the first day, the principal told me that his English was poor because he was unable to fit in with any other language institutes he had been to. But I didn’t worry much about it. However, when I had a class with him, I found out that his situation was far more serious than I expected. He grumbled for the whole 50 minutes during the class, saying that he had no intention to come to the institute but that it was his mother who forced him to join, and also that he hated English the most, and so on. Even before the week passed, I felt more exhausted than him, soothing and comforting his constant complaints and grumbling. While trying to figure out many different ways, I made a conclusion.
“Okay, I’ll do it according to the teachings of Mother.”
Thinking that it is more important for him to feel comfortable rather than to speed up the study, I listened to whatever he said carefully, even the irrelevant stories, until he finished and I took great care not to hurt his feelings. He kept grumbling and misbehaving, but I only wanted to deliver the love of Mother.
Two and three months passed. One day, he asked in an usually serious voice if I was curious to know the reason why he hated English. Then he said it was because he had a bad memory of it, and he stared at the while board. I didn’t say anything further because the look in his eyes weighed upon my mind. I patted him on the back and told him to make good memories together from that time on. He nodded as if he understood and then his attitude started changing day after day. His parents, the principal of the institute, and the other teachers were all amazed to see his attitude change 180 degrees. Of course, his grades improved as well.
By looking at his case, I became confident that all difficult problems or conflicts can be solved with the warm love of Heavenly Mother. Mother’s love has the power to heal the wounded hearts. It is my duty as Her child to deliver that love. I will preach the love and consideration which Mother taught us, to people around me more diligently. I wish everyone to receive the refreshing spring days to their spirits in the warm arms of Mother. Thank you Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.


SY Lee from Korea

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