Eating healthy food



People want to live long with a fresh and healthy life.

In order to take good care of ourselves, we need to consider what we eat.

Therefore, “food” is important to us.


What about our spirit?

The bible says “The word of God” (Bible) is our spiritual food.

We need to eat the true word of God based on the Bible.


What will happen if we don’t eat (hear) the proper word of God?

Not hearing the true word of God is the same as eating poisonous food or starving.

If we want to live healthy eating good food, we also need to hear and follow God the Father and God the Mother’s teaching of the bible for our souls to be healthy.

It is because the Spirit and the Bride are the spring of the water of life in the last days.

In order to eat spiritual foods, the truth in the Bible, please come to WMSCOG.

Our Father and Mother will give us free gift of the water of life for us.

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