Getting rid of my laziness

God the Mother_0907

My mom has to prepare breakfast twice because I always wake up later than my older sister. While I prepare to go to work, my mom is busy heating up the cold soup and the side dishes and putting warm rice in a bowl. This is all due to my laziness; because I sleep 10 minutes more every day. I feel sorry toward my mom for not being more diligent.

 In actuality, I feel the same way toward God the Mother as well. It is because Mother is still suffering on this earth because of my laziness while other brothers and sisters are diligently preparing the oil of faith along with their lamp and working towards the same goal—Heaven. I could have lessened the sacrifice of Mother if I had been just a more diligent. I feel ashamed and sorry toward Mother for my laziness.

 Now, I want to get rid of my laziness which delays the accomplishment of the gospel of the heavenly kingdom, and to diligently prepare the oil of faith to accomplish the gospel work swiftly.

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