We are meaningless without Heavenly Mother’s hands

Pictured by whoiswmscog mom and sleeping baby

There was a tidy eye-catching house on the way to the bus stop. Whenever I passed by the house, I could see an old lady cleaning the windowsills, doorframes, stair rails and so on, thoroughly with a yellow cloth.

However, since a couple of weeks ago, I could not see her but only the yellow cloth hanging from the corner of the balustrade. Since then, the cloth was in that spot continually.

One day, I stopped and stared at the yellow cloth; it looked useless because it was not doing any work since the old lady was not using it. After that, I could not see her ever again and the cloth was abandoned. The house which used to boast a clean and good exterior now looked gloomy.

I thought that we are meaningless too without Heavenly Mother’s hands. Thanks to Mother’s patience and devotion, we can change to be new and beautiful every day. God the Mother’s hand of love is the driving force that enables our faith to move forward and endure until the end.

Heavenly Mother of love! You take care of me with Your tender hands. You do not leave me alone so that I will not be lonely. And You use me as Your precious tool. I give sincere thanks to You for Your grace.

Carolina from Peru

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30 Responses

  1. 빛사랑이라별 says:

    Amen. Thanks to Jerusalem Mother who prays and cares for us every day. With Mother’s sacrifice, we can receive forgiveness of sins and return to heaven.

  2. July says:

    Heavenly Mother I love you forever

  3. Gfm says:

    Without mother, we never have life. Also without Heavenly Mother, we cannot obtain the eternal life and enter the kingdom of heaven.

  4. Erica says:

    To be used as an instrument of God is so thrilling.
    Thank God Elohim.

  5. Jenifer says:

    With the care of our Mother in heaven, we can sustain our lives.
    Without it, our existence is nothing.

  6. Zen says:

    If we believe in the Bible with modesty, we can easily accept God the Mother.

    She has come to give us who believe the Bible in the last day.

    Children love their mothers by nature.

    Why did God create it like that?

    We have to think seriously.

  7. Grace says:

    Amen!! God the Mother gives us endless love !!Our faith can be grown with the love of God the Mother. We are so~~ happy to be with God the Mother who is the source of eternal life.

  8. Vami says:

    Everyday heavenly Mother works for our perfection of faith. Everymoment She helps us to live in truth. Every time Her mind hurts because of our disobeying.

  9. Simo says:

    My life and existence was from Heavenly Mother. If I was not belong to Mother, I cannot be complete as a heavenly person. All thanks be to Jerusalem Heavenly Mother.

  10. Suna says:

    We do not care about Mother’s existence when she is with us. But when she is gone, we think how importance of her existence. So we try to say thank before too late.

  11. whtngus7 says:

    I am happy to meet my God Mother

  12. caleb says:

    Let’s study the bible and believe heavenly mother and receive eternal life so that we can go to heaven where there are no suffering and death.

  13. Sarah-Kim says:

    Without Heavenly Mother, I am nothing. Because of Your holding me, I can live with happiness and joy, feel comfortable and peace of mind, and have the hope for Heaven. Love You Mother!!

  14. gfm says:

    With0ut God the Mother, we cannot go back to Kingdom of Heaven. Thanks to God the Mother!

  15. Miriam says:

    Without Heavenly Mother’hands ,cleansing us daily without rest,we wouldn’t become pure,because as children, we don’t know how to clean ourselves from the sins that stains our spirits. I live you Amoni!

  16. buddy says:

    yes , heavenly mother’s love can make  me overcome a sticky situation.Thanks to Heavnly mother .

  17. Sarah says:

    Nobody can grow up himself or maintain his life. Mother’s devoted love makes us to live. God the Mother gives us the eternal life and protects us from any danger. We cannot live without God the Mother!

  18. bene says:

    How can we leave our Heavenly Mother ? We can live and go to heavenly kingdom through our Mother! Eternal thanks to Father and Mother.

  19. lebekah says:

    I’m still young in front of God the Father n God the Mother. So,i need Mother’s help n love . The child must not miss Mother’s hands.

  20. Grace says:

    Amen! I’m nothing without Mother.

  21. younggong ha says:

    All the things we do become useless and meaningless without our Heavenly Mother’s love and grace. Thanks to Mother for protecting us in her hands and giving us great love and power to be able to become the light and the salt to the world!

  22. Heidi says:

    I’m really meaningless without heavenly Mother as like yellow cloth. If she didn’t find me, my life would so meaningless. I thank to God the Mother all my heart.

  23. gfm says:

    Heavenly Mother leads us to Kingdom of Heaven.

    so we shouldn’t keep hands off with Heavenly Mother!

  24. Night Flight says:

    Yes, God makes us useful things.  we have not to forget Heavenly Mother’s consideration and love for us.  Through her love, we can go back to heavenly hometown.

  25. keller says:

    I received the highest level of love, Mother’s love. I’m sooooo happy! lol

  26. Eden says:

    Amen. I want to be used as Elohim God’s tool to display Their glory to the whole world. Thanks to Father and Mother for me to be Your instrument.

  27. Pp준 says:

    I can not live away from Hevenly Mother.
    I’m so happy with my God the Mother for living this world.

  28. Linda YMP says:

    I’ll try hard to become useful as Mother’s precious tool !!

  29. Linda says:

    God the Mother’s love has the power to heal the wounded hearts, and also Heavenly Mother purifies our souls with their sacrifice and love.  It is my duty as Her child to deliver Her great love to people who are still waiting for Mother’s hand.

  30. Brad says:

    My mother received love from her mother, and her mother (my grandmother) and her mother (my grandmother) from her mother (my great grandmother) and her mother (my great grandmother) from her mother and when we go continue all the way to the original mother we come to Eve. Eve is a prophecy of our Heavenly Mother, that is, God the Mother who is the Mother of our spirits. The love that our mothers give to us is given by their mothers given by their mothers and ultimately given by the source of love, our Heavenly God the Mother. Come to God the Mother and feel the true love of God.


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