We are meaningless without Heavenly Mother’s hands

Pictured by whoiswmscog mom and sleeping baby

There was a tidy eye-catching house on the way to the bus stop. Whenever I passed by the house, I could see an old lady cleaning the windowsills, doorframes, stair rails and so on, thoroughly with a yellow cloth.

However, since a couple of weeks ago, I could not see her but only the yellow cloth hanging from the corner of the balustrade. Since then, the cloth was in that spot continually.

One day, I stopped and stared at the yellow cloth; it looked useless because it was not doing any work since the old lady was not using it. After that, I could not see her ever again and the cloth was abandoned. The house which used to boast a clean and good exterior now looked gloomy.

I thought that we are meaningless too without Heavenly Mother’s hands. Thanks to Mother’s patience and devotion, we can change to be new and beautiful every day. God the Mother’s hand of love is the driving force that enables our faith to move forward and endure until the end.

Heavenly Mother of love! You take care of me with Your tender hands. You do not leave me alone so that I will not be lonely. And You use me as Your precious tool. I give sincere thanks to You for Your grace.

Carolina from Peru

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