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What would it be like if we got a promise going to heaven?

According to the Bible, only through God the Mother who appears in the last days, we can receive eternal life. So entering the kingdom of heaven is not a far away dream anymore once you received the promise from God the Mother.

The children of promise are children of God the Mother.

How thankful and blessed we are !

Now you, brothers and sisters, like isaac, are children of promise. (Gal 4:28)

Therefore, brothers, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman. (Gal 4:31)


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12 Responses

  1. Pp says:

    Heavenly Mother has promised us as Mother’s children. I sincerely thank God Elohim.

  2. July p says:

    I will give glory to Elohim God by bearing many grains of fruit.

  3. Eun a says:

    I am forever happy to be with Heavenly Mother.

  4. Sarah-Kim says:

    God Elohim, thank you for choosing  me as Your child received promise of eternal life.

  5. Cathy says:

    God’s promise is to give us eternal life. We can be received eternal life by God the Mother who is the source of life.

  6. grace lee says:

    Give thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong and New Jerusalem, Heavenly Mother who promised the Kingdom of Heaven.
    How blessed I am!
    The existence of God the Mother is great grace and blessing for this world and all people.
    I will preach this good news to the world till go to the kingdom of Heaven.

  7. Serena says:

    Eternal praises to Heavenly Mother for giving us wretched sinners chances to repent on this earth and eternal life!!! I sincerely pray that I will have strong faith leading to Heaven ^_^

  8. Elohist says:

    Though we are the lowly and humbled on this earth, we have the greatest gift in Life!
    The promise of eternal life!!!
    Heavenly Mother is truly the only reason we can have the promise of eternal life.
    Thank You Mother!!!

  9. NJ says:

    Without Mother, there is no life, that’s the will of God. Eternal life can be given only thr Heavenly Mother, the hidden secret of the bible.

  10. susan Ldimaligalig says:

    I thanks to Heavenly Mother Jerusalem and Heavenly Father Anshanghong to give a chance to be a children of promise

  11. lebekah says:

    Thanks to Heavenly Mother for letting me a child of promise !!
    I’ll keep smile like Isaac for Heavenly Mother !!

  12. irenetheron says:

    Amen! I am a child of free woman, Heavenly Mother like Issac, I am very happy with that so I can not help laughing always.

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