Scar - whoiswmscog Ahnsahnghong


I want to praise our God the Father, Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother for allowing me to realize Their great love through the life that They have allowed me to live and for leading me into the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) and receiving the New Covenant truth.

ThisĀ is a story about my childhood. When I was a toddler, my mom was very busy with housework, so my grandma took care of me in her stead. One day, my grandma dozed off, and I happened to put my left foot in a hot boiling pot while playing alone in the yard. Hearing my screams, my mom came rushing out. She was startled, seeing my whole leg from the knee down severely scalded. She rushed me to the hospital.
She applied medicine to my leg and put a bandage around it. The next day she unwrapped the bandaged and applied the healing medicine again. Every day she repeated it, and for several months she took me to the hospital frequently. Every time, she pleaded with the doctor desperately for the best treatment, saying, “She’s a girl, she’ll have to wear a skirt. There mustn’t be a scar!”
Thanks to her sincere care, there was no scar on my left foot and leg. There were no problems except one thing: I don’t know if something went wrong when I got burned, but the fourth toe on my left foot stopped growing from the time I was in elementary school. However, I didn’t mind. It was just a bit shorter than the other toes; it didn’t hurt, and I had no problem walking. But my mom felt different about it. She felt bad and whenever she saw my toe, she would say it was all her fault. She did not allow me to wear any open toe shoes and even made me wear socks at home.
When I was in middle school, another burn incident happened in our house. That day, my mom was busy as usual packing me and my dad’s lunches. A kettle, full of hot water, fell down from the the table. In a flash, hot water poured onto my mom’s left foot. She took off her sock quickly and rinsed her foot under cold running water, but her skin was still burned. Nonetheless, she continued packing the rest of our lunches.
Watching everything that happened, I was so surprised, I shouted, “Mom, you should go to the hospital first!” but she said, “After I finish packing the lunches…” I went to school, thinking she was okay but then I started to worry.
Later, she did go to the hospital, but rarely did she receive treatment or take care of her foot because she was busy doing housework.
Time has passed by, and now my mom has a hideous scar on her foot. Both of our left foot were scalded in the same way, but my foot, compared with my mom’s, has no scar at all. Whenever I see her foot, my heart aches. My mom took care of me with great anxiety lest a scar be left on my foot; however, I have only spoken plenty of words, and have not taken care of her foot.
Through my mom, I feel the love of Heavenly Mother’s love. She laid aside Her pains and wounds in order to take care of us at every moment so that our souls would not get hurt at all. I will look for our lost heavenly brothers and sisters diligently, and take care of their pains so that the wounds in Mother’s heart will not remain as a scar.

All praise, glory, honor and thanks be to Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.


L Y-J from Seongnam, Korea